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TIME Pedal poll(10 posts)

TIME Pedal pollWoof the dog
Apr 17, 2002 5:49 PM
Why do some people like Time pedals?
Why do others not like them?
Do they like them because Pro's ride them?
Is there any significant advantage to Time pedals over other systems?
Time or speedplay for you?
Do Time always need special Time shoes?
What is your opinion on Time pedal weight?
How do Pro's actually get sponsored by Time?
How big is Time company, and is there any prospect of having them give the 'sponsored' money or free product in the future?
Do you think the price is worth the pedal?
Whats your scoop on the best pedal on the market?
Anything else you wanna add?

Thanx a lot for answering my questions, I am very interested in responses.


Woof, the dog that is always late to his race.
re: TIME Pedal poll12x23
Apr 17, 2002 6:12 PM
I've been using them since 94 or 95. I switched from Look due to recommendation of a friend. I'd recently had knee problems and surgery, and wanted to experiment with another pedal system. I liked them from the first ride and haven't had reason to change. I use them with Sidi shoes and the Time insert, no problems there. Also, the cleat lasts much longer than the Look. I see where Time is about to bring a lighter pedal on the market that uses the Look cleat bolt pattern. I may try a pair, or may not. Pedal weight isn't an issue with me.
Old Schoolboneman
Apr 18, 2002 12:25 AM
I've used them for 9 seasons, switching from Look primarily because they put your foot closer to the pedal spindle. Effectively lowers your CG when cornering and descending, reminding me of how it was when I used clips, cleats and straps. I also like their large platform and don't find the ingress/egress to be any more difficult than Look. Also, I like the newer models as they've fully lined the area where the rear cam is with steel rather than the older model where the pedal body (magnesium) wore down over time.

Time pedals don't need special shoes but you lose the advantage of being close to the spindle if you need to use Time's adapter plate for shoes only available with Look drilling.

Time shoes (most models) do not need the adapter and are specifically drilled for Time tbt cleats. Northwave Evolutions, Sidis with the changeable pedal plate and Carnacs with the UCS/UC3 changeable plates work well. Certain Vittoria's are available with dedicated Time drilling. There are a couple of others but they don't come readily to mind.

Weight wise, good question. The Carnac shoes are fairly heavy. I've ridden Legends (Lemonds back then) for the last 9 seasons and they're not the lightest. However they fit my fat feet. Likewise the Time's are not the lightest but I have not checked out their shoes in the last few years. The Sidi's are considerably lighter (Mega was not available until the last few years). I just got a pair of Northwave Evolution's and they probably are as light as the Sidi's.

I will note that I do come out when yanking away from stoplights in a larger gear as I undoubtedly twist my foot slightly. This never happened with Look. However, there are many sprinters who use Time and they're not complaining.

Reliability, not an issue for me. Bearing's have not been an issue. You can service them yourself, they have a kit available, or you can send them to the distributor for service.

Nothing else to add. I like them.
re: TIME Pedal pollpmf1
Apr 18, 2002 6:08 AM
I've ridden Time pedals for about the last 8 years. I guess its what I'm used to. Before that I had some Looks, but I liked the entry/exit and slightly larger platform of the Times better. I think Times are better built than Looks and last longer. You can rebuild them, although I've never done it. But they also cost about twice as much, so the value per dollar is probably about equal.

The new plastic front cleat works better than the older aluminium ones, but also wears out faster. The rear never wears out. Sometimes, Time road cleats are not easy to find (I generally mail order a bunch). Look cleats are everywhere. Many shoes have adapters for Time pedals. I've used Time shoes, and presently Carnac. It is something to consider. Not all shoes will accept Time cleats. I've never seen a road shoe that didn't have a 3-hole Look pattern. The new Time pedals supposedly have cleats with a 3-hole design. That's a positive change.

Time's are not light pedals. The top line model is 360 grams and costs around $230. The newer ones are lighter, but I'm not sure how much lighter -- it is significant though. For me, the trade-off is worth it. They're comfortable. I don't see how people deal with those tiny speedplay pedals. Even mtn bike ones bother me on a longer ride.

I have no idea about sponsoring. Call the distributor. Maybe you'll get connections to a rep that way. It seems that pedal sponsorships are with individual riders at the pro level. I rarely see ads say this or that team uses a certian pedal. Usually its a rider.

I have 3 road bikes and they all have Time pedals. For me, its the best pedal. I can understand arguments against them though (i.e., weight, cost, shoe compatability).
re: TIME Pedal pollmmquest
Apr 18, 2002 9:34 AM
I can't speak to why other people use Time, but I switched five years ago from Look and will never go back. There are a number of things I like about Time pedals:

1. For me, the big difference is that the Time pedals, while allowing float, actively move your foot back into a neutral position. I didn't like the way the Look arc cleats just let my foot flop around on the pedal.

2. I also like Time's lateral float. Since getting my Times, I have not once banged my ankle into my crank (well, except for when I was hit by a car...but I don't think that had to do with the pedals as much as the bumper).

3. The cleat setup is SO much easier than with the Looks. With Time, you only have to worry about one degree of freedom (fore aft) whereas you have to fix fore aft, left right, and rotational movement with the Looks.

Time pedals are a little heavier, but I think how well they work makes up for this. Also, the new pedals (due out in May) are supposed to be MUCH lighter.

Is any of this proven? NO! But, for me, I would not consider riding anything else on the market right now.
re: TIME Pedal pollEpicX
Apr 18, 2002 5:11 PM
1. I like Time because I have NEVER had a reason not to.

2. Most cited reason for not using TIME : weight, typically by someone who has not ridden them.

3. I could care less which pros use them, BUT the fact that so many do is confidence inspiring.

4. I've used Time shoes/pedals exclusively since '93, I can't imagine anything being better. different maybe but not better.

5. Never tried speedplay, but the don't like the idea of all that float.

6. You can use a variety of shoes, but you'll have to make some compromises with some (adapters raising your foot etc.)

7. To me, having virtually indestructable, reliable pedals is worth an extra 100 or so grams.

8. to get sponsored, you have to put in your request the preceding year, here's a link for info : Time Sponsorship Info

9. Don't know how big they are...

10. Time is expensive, but look at it this way, I've had the same pair of Time Criterium pedals since '93. They are a little battered, but they work as well as the day I bought them ($180). Considering the cost of new pedals, they have been well worth the $$.

11. No opinion on best pedals, I'm sticking with Time.
The best V the restcyclequip
Apr 19, 2002 3:33 AM
Go check them out carefully - you'll see the major difference is in how your shoe 'floats' in the Time versus all the others. Where Look, S/play, SPD/R all fix the forward part of the cleat allowing the heel to arc, Time fixes on the ball of the foot allowing equal arc between toe and heel - a major benefit for tired/sore/damaged knees. Otherwise - indestructible - I've fallen too many 'times' to remember - my 6-ys old Challenge Pro's are battered about the face + body but work a treat. Must use Time shoes for proper results.
Not necessarily truepmf1
Apr 19, 2002 4:37 AM
"Must use Time shoes for proper results."

Carnac has a universal adapter system that fits into the shoe for Time pedals. The spindle distance is the same as with Time shoes. Nothing wrong with Time shoes though. I've used them in the past. They're comfortable and fairly wide.
re: TIME Pedal pollEric_H
Apr 19, 2002 3:48 PM
I have used Time Equipe Pro pedals for the past 6 years, previous to that I used Look and had a very short stint on Speedplay. Look pedals were OK, but I had a couple of accidental releases which I did not like. For me, Speedplay pedals were awful. Too much free float. For my money the Time pedals are the best and I would not consider riding anything else.

What I like about Time: large platform, smooth float which works well for me, very low cleat sole-spindle distance, simple cleat adjustment, almost impossible to have an accidental release by pulling up (unlike Look).

As for shoes, others have mentioned the usual suspects. I'm a bit of a fussy guy when it comes to shoe fit and I have used Time pedals with Sidi, Carnac, and Time shoes. All three designs work well but each has its own merits and drawbacks. Of course shoe fit is the most important part of the equation, and should be considered first and foremost.

Sidi: lowest sole-spindle distance, even better than Time's own shoes, and the adapter is rock solid on the shoe. However, the Al/Mg adapter plate causes some wear to the edges of the pedal bodies over time, which is accelerated in wet-weather riding. There also seems to be more friction with the Sidi adapter plate than the plastic adapters of other shoes.

Carnac: largest sole-spindle distance, plus the addition of a heavy shoe to a heavy pedal. Plastic adapter creates less friction on pedal surface.

Time: sole-spindle distance about the same as Carnac, maybe 1-2 mm less. Smooth rotation with plastic plate between sole of shoe and pedal. Matches very well with the pedals (fashion counts, right?).

Some have mentioned the new Time Impact pedal. There has been talk of a May release for them, but interestingly enough I have yet to see any Euro pros riding on them. This tells me either there is a manufacturing delay/problem, or the riders prefer the Equipe pedals.
Euro pros very slow innovatorspmf1
Apr 22, 2002 4:07 AM
It took some goofy American named Lemond to convince them to use aero bars and clipless pedals. These guys get used to something and are very resistent to change.