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Older Campy Chorus & Indexing(3 posts)

Older Campy Chorus & Indexingflying
Apr 16, 2002 1:41 PM
I have a older Masi I use for my beater rain bike now.
It is still in excellent shape & I have the original Chorus group from 89/90 on it.
I use it with Simplex downtube friction shifters.
I was wondering & this may seem like a dumb question...;-)
Is indexing a feature of the shifters or the derailleur?
Was the older Chorus rear derailleur index-able?
I wondered if I could add brake lever shifters to it.
It is a 7 speed freewheel but I also run it with a eight no problems since it is friction shift.

Thanks for any info on this.
re: Older Campy Chorus & Indexingtanman
Apr 17, 2002 9:39 AM
The old Chorus (A/B) was supposedly indexable with Synchro II shifters (the right dt lever had the knurled barrel) and the correct shift disk. The whole system is hit and miss and although I never used Chorus, I have my 1990 Athena RD on 7 speed Synchro, but had to make sure to use an SIS shifter housing and cable AND a Sachs 7 speed freewheel. Keep in mind, however, that modern Campy Ergopower beats the daylights out of old Synchro--I just upgraded to Veloce and the stuff kicks serious ass!
Regarding brake/shifters, you could use Ergoshifters but would need to change the shift cam in the lever to 8-speed (check, or call Peter at expensive) and a new RD (Veloce or Mirage would be perfectly fine) to run 8 speeds. In fact, (I might be wrong, check with the aforesaid shops) I believe that you might be able to run Ergoshifters as modified for 8 speed on your current seven, because if I recall, the spacing on Campy 7 and 8 speeds are 3.2mm.

BTW, that set of Simplex shifters are very rare these days and could command quite a high price--even well used. I've seen new sets going for over $50.

Good luck.
re: Older Campy Chorus & Indexingflying
Apr 17, 2002 10:29 AM
Thanks for the info!
I will look into those suggestions.
Thanks again