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Help on install Ergopower(7 posts)

Help on install ErgopowerSGrouts
Apr 15, 2002 5:17 AM
Please anyone could point to me a URL with installing instructions for Centaur 10s Ergopower shifters, cork tape on handlebar and brakes.
This is the First road bike i build (i have put together several MTBs (alivio, deore, XT & XTRs)).
Should i do anything tricky for the cables and housings installation on the handlebar; How do i install the cork tape;
Thanks a lot.
campy web site....C-40
Apr 15, 2002 8:13 AM
This address will get you to all of the available instruction sheets. I highly recommend routing both shift and brake cables along the front of the bars, it's more comfortable. I also route the right shift cable housing to the left cable stop (and vice vera). This arrangement crosses the shift cables below the downtube, which may seem odd, but it keeps the cable housing from rubbing the paint off the head tube. This routing doesn't work on all frames, depending on the location of the cable stops and the shape of the downtube.
campy web site....SGrouts
Apr 15, 2002 11:27 AM
Many many thanks from Greece...

SGrouts- One more thingboneman
Apr 16, 2002 1:41 AM
The Campy site doesn't cover this in the documents section. When you open the parts box, there's a little bag with two translucent clips. They fit between the handlebar clamp bolt and the ergo lever assembly. Don't forget to use them.

This part is covered at the campy only website.

I have both the ErgoBrain and FliteDeck computers. You've got to love the lack of compatibility.

The ErgoBrain is no more difficult than the FliteDeck to install. I installed both, long after setting up the bikes and using the components. It's probably easier that way as you can get the position of the levers correct, trim the brake and gear cables/housings without having the additional worry of the control wiring. Okay, it does involve retaping the bars.

The Campagnolo instructions, I printed the pdf files as they're easier to see than the manual, are clear and concise, unlike the FliteDeck manual which in a word, sucks.

The self-learning feature of the ErgoBrain is easy once you figure it out. I fluffed it the first two times as traffic in London distracted me from following the directions but then again, it's easy to restart the process unlike programming the FliteDeck which for most features requires starting over.

Good luck and enjoy the integration of controls and computer.
Boneman Thanks.SGrouts
Apr 16, 2002 1:36 PM
thanks for your advice....
Try CampagnoloMcAndrus
Apr 15, 2002 8:17 AM
Try on the Ergo Levers. Campagnolo keeps an extensive list of technical documentation at

Bar tape is a bit trickier and experience helps. Most tape packages have the instructions in them. Also, a decent bicycle repair manual like Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance will have taping instructions.
Try CampagnoloSGrouts
Apr 15, 2002 11:29 AM
Thanks a lot...