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Help- shimano 9 spd. cassette with Campy shifters?(7 posts)

Help- shimano 9 spd. cassette with Campy shifters?Larry Klassen
Apr 13, 2002 4:18 PM
I have a set of 9 speed campy shifters, but Shimano wheels. I purchased a 105 9 spd. cassette, knocked out the rivets and used spacers from a Campy cassette to stack them on the free hub (on the wheel). Now I can't get the stack low enough to fit the lockring on (actually the 9th cog won't even really fit onto the free hub). Does anyone have any idea how to make this setup work? I invested in purchasing a new 9 speed cassette and knocked the rivets out, so it isn't returnable, and I would like to use this if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated, please feel free to email me directly at thanks alot!
you goofed...C-40
Apr 14, 2002 5:09 AM
Should have asked here, before taking the plunge. As you've discovered, the shimano cassette body is too short. It won't work. You can purchase a wheels manufacturing "accelerator" cassette that will work, from Excel Sports ($100).

Some folks just use a stock shimano cassette, but the shifting won't be perfect. The difference in spacing is 5% on each cog. If you adjust the derailleur to the middle cog, the error will still accumulate to 20% on the fourth shift. If you don't adjust the derailleur perfectly, the error will be even greater.

Hopefully you have more than just campy shifters. You also need a campy rear derailleur, or it most certianly won't work. The shifters and derailleur must also be of the same generation. Campy changed the design of the 9 speed derailleur and shifters (in 2000?). The earlier model derailleurs won't work properly with the newer shifters.

Unless these are high-buck wheels, you'd better off selling them and getting campy compatible wheels.
that's what I figured...Larry Klassen
Apr 14, 2002 8:22 PM
I had a feeling I made a mistake, I thought the campy spacers were smaller than shimano, stacking up a few though, I saw the campy's were bigger.

The wheels are Spinergy 4 spoke carbons, really nice, the lighter version, so I wanted to use them. May be time to convert completely to Shimano. Thanks for the insight into this.
re: Help- shimano 9 spd. cassette with Campy shifters?slow-ron
Apr 15, 2002 6:39 AM
here are the numbers.

Shimano 9 speed cogs 1.78mm wide, spacers 2.56 mm wide, 4.34mm center to center. total stack (9 x 1.78) + (8 x 2.56) = 36.5mm

Campy 9 speed cogs 1.75 mm wide, spacers 2.8 mm wide, 4.55 mm center to center. total stack (9 x 1.75) + (8 x 2.8) = 38.15mm.

Total stack of 8 campy spacers plus 9 shimano cogs = 38.42mm.

38.42 - 36.5 = 1.92mm too long.

Here's my home made solution that I tried and it worked well.

To make the shifting precise you need spacing to match the campy shifters, 4.55mm. Therefore you need to get the campy spacers to 2.77mm or .109" from 2.8mm. To do this I took a rough automotive wet sandpaper and placed it on a flat table. Take the spacer and in a swirling or circular motion sand off .03 mm on each spacer. Not as difficult as it sounds if you have some micrometers.

Now the shifting from cog to cog will work perfectly but the stack is still too large, 38.18 - 36.5 = 1.68. To make mine work I removed the final cog and ended up with an 8 speed cassette and 9 speed shifters.

Or if you want you can scrap what you have and buy a wheels cassette for $100.
Well, I bit the bullet...Larry Klassen
Apr 17, 2002 4:42 AM
and converted to Shimano. I have been trying to make this work for some time, I get the feeling anything that will fix it is a compromise, so I am just going with straight up Ultegra components. So if anyone knows of someone wanting 9 speed campy shifters (Athena, carbon body) and a 9 speed cogset and Record rear der., I've got them going up for sale. Thanks to those who tried to help me out with this, I appreciate it.

Well, I bit the bullet...slow-ron
Apr 17, 2002 5:22 AM
send me an e-mail with your price.
Well, I bit the bullet...atpjunkie
Apr 17, 2002 1:26 PM
me as in case slow ron doesn't want. I won't try to outbid him but let me know if he doesn't buy