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Campy Ergo shifter with Ultegra others ????(6 posts)

Campy Ergo shifter with Ultegra others ????jkh
Apr 12, 2002 9:37 PM

I broke my right Ultegra STI from a crash a few days ago. I am looking for a replacement and have found the Centaur Ergo shifter cost less and more comfortable. Am I able to use the 10 speed Ergo shifter on Ultegra 9 speed? Or what minimium changes do I need to make in order to use the 10 speed shifter?

If I want to go Campy all the way, does Chrous make a noticeable difference in performance comparing to Centaur? Weight is NOT an issue. Thanks.
Thin iceKerry
Apr 13, 2002 6:17 AM
You might make this work, but the odds are not in your favor, as the cable pull is different between Campy and Shimano. Minimum changes are probably the shifter, the rear derailleur, and quite possibly the cassette.

Regards Chorus vs. Centaur (or Record for that matter), define "noticeable." Some would easily justify the performance improvement for shifting reliability and crispness, weight (I know YOU said it was not an issue, others beg to differ), and durability. Others would say there's not enough to pay for. How much better is a BMW sedan over a Camry? How about a Lexus over a Camry? All in the eye of the beholder. I ride Record, so that tells you my bias.
a friend does that!!!weiwentg
Apr 13, 2002 7:03 AM
he had to re-space the cassette and change the rear der. the re-spaced cassette is the biggest pain - I'm not sure where he got the spacers from.
the mickey-mouse method...C-40
Apr 14, 2002 5:21 AM

Check out this site to see how one bike shop outfits tandems with 9 speed shimano shifting, using 10 speed campy shifters.

A better approach would be to use campy 10 speed shifters, rear derailleur, chain and a 10 speed "accelerator" cassette from Excel Sports. If you're ambitious, a campy rear hub and cassette could be purchased (for little more than the accelerator cassette) and the rear wheel rebuilt.

Assuming that your other components are shimano 9 speed, the drivetrain should work fine.
Thanks for all the replies.jkh
Apr 14, 2002 1:10 PM
re: Campy Ergo shifter with Ultegra others ????tanman
Apr 15, 2002 6:22 AM
How about going with 9 speed Campy Ergo levers and rear derailleur and keeping everything else AS IS? Nashbar has 9 speed Campy Ergo stuff in stock. 9 speed Shimano and Campy spacing are very compatible despite marketing hype--definitely can use Shimano 9 speed cassette with Campy 9 speed Ergo shifters. You can also upgrade Campy 9 speed Ergo to 10 speeds by changing a small cam (see when the urge gets you.

If you compare the costs between Centaur shifters and rear der. with Ultegra STI shifters, it's a wash in price. If you consider Campy's rebuildability from crash damage (including the body and levers are available as spare parts), then maybe Campy ahead (please no wars or flames). No company's better, just different approaches.