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Integrated Headsets(8 posts)

Integrated Headsetsdoggintx
Apr 12, 2002 10:42 AM
Any point of views on integrated headsets? Chris King crapped all over them (see his website). Looks like a few of the higher-end bike manufacturers (Litespeed being one of them) are moving to intergrated headsets.
re: Integrated Headsetsmackgoo
Apr 12, 2002 11:36 AM
I like the way they look.
re: ...too soon to tell...Akirasho
Apr 12, 2002 1:45 PM
Chris King's article doesn't completely dismiss the concept... merely some takes on it, and the lack of a true standard (at this point, and despite having a vested interest in how this shakes out).

This has been debated several times on the General forum as well... a search would yield the overall consumer's concensus.

One aspect that is often missed in these discussions is production engineering from a makers POV. The consumer will have little input if there is a definite improvement in a company's bottom line due to certain manufacturing techniques (most aluminium makers still forego "finished" welds (and I know that this is another debatable issue)).

We abide.

Remain In Light.
I'm thinking, "Never had a headset problem in 30+ years..."cory
Apr 12, 2002 2:24 PM
I have no idea how many miles I've ridden--I've been at it 35 years, but I've taken months and even whole years off. In however far it is, though, I've never had or even seen a headset problem that couldn't be attributed to bad wrenching. I've run them dry and crashed them and brinnelled them through improper adjustment, but that would destroy ANY headset. And when you wreck a conventional HS, it's easily and cheaply replaceable. At least in my garage, integrated headsets are going to take awhile to catch on.
Still not sold on itbikenraider99
Apr 12, 2002 6:32 PM
I agree with Cory on this. I've not ridden as long, but I log in about 9-10K a year. I wasn't sold on it when Schwinn/GT debuted it (now look at those people with those frames), and I'm still not sold on it. Not only does it add weight to the head tube, it makes it weaker too.
Another thing mentioned was the compatability between the IH. With conventional 1" headsets, you can change them out with no problem, as well as 1 1/8". With integrated, you don't get that.
Albeit I'm still a tradionalist when it comes to road bikes too. I ride steel frames, with steel forks, with 1" threaded quill stems. I've just now decided to start looking at road bikes with the 1" or 1 1/8" threadless steerers and with carbon forks. The Integrated headset still has a long way to go before I'll consider a bike with it.
Dog, you already know what bike I haveLazywriter
Apr 12, 2002 8:31 PM
and the Chris king article is pathetic. They were late to the table and are scared that integrated will run them out of business. Look at C'dale and see that they have been using integrated for longer time with no major issues.
All of the bs about integrated being potentially damaging doesnt relate to Litspeed. Their headtubes have separate cups pressed into frame so races dont rest against the actually inside of frame. Therefore this design is no more dangerous for the frame than the conventional setup but either can ruin a frame if not adjusted properly.
Most pro teams are riding integrated this year in the TDF. Look at Cyclsport magazine this month and the majority of bike use them and these guys are toughest on their bikes. Not including all the training miles. So dont worry, youll love the Vortex.
re: Integrated HeadsetsCAAD5 Kid
Apr 13, 2002 7:16 PM
Chris King crapped all over them and then released his own version the perdido..the difference being you have to ream out frames sized for hidden and cane creek headsets for the perdido to sit neatly..and in the process shell out another $250 for the special chris king reaming tool for this process. Integrated headsets are here to stay right now....till somebody else comes along with something better.....big name companies have signed on so don't worry about aftermarket replacements a few years from you take care of should be fine.
re: Integrated HeadsetsLC
Apr 14, 2002 10:17 AM
I have gone through 3 headsets in 2 years on my rain bike. I changed grease every month, but when they die all you can do replace the whole thing since the bearing surfaces are shot. My fear not being able to get parts, or not being able to replace worn parts.