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Can I polish out scratches on Ultegra cranks? How?(4 posts)

Can I polish out scratches on Ultegra cranks? How?nyvram
Apr 12, 2002 8:41 AM
The subject says it all. Anyone have any ideas for improving the look of a scuffed crank arm without spending a fortune...well more than $100 or so for a new crank anyway.. :D
re: Can I polish out scratches on Ultegra cranks? How?curlybike
Apr 12, 2002 9:47 AM
Once you scratch the anodizing, you 're hozed. You would have to polish all of the anodizing off. That would require a power polisher and buffing compound and much time. Then you would have to redo it ever week. Get over it is the easiest path. Sometimes wanting pretty stuff is heartbreaking.
not that tough...C-40
Apr 14, 2002 5:31 AM
You're right that using a motorized buffing wheel is almost esssential, but I've done it with good results, even without power equipment. Buffing wheels that mount in an electric drill and buffing compounds are available at most home improvement stores.

It take a lot of sanding (or coarse compound buffing) to remove the anodize. I've started with 220 wet/dry paper, followed by 400 grit, and finished with 600 grit. After all the sanding, automotive rubbing compound or even fine steel wool will produce a brilliant finish pretty quickly, even by hand.

Unless you ride in the wet, the cranks will stay decent looking for quite a while. Any automotive cleaner/wax or Mother's metal polish will quickly restore the finish.
Think of it as a badge of usecory
Apr 12, 2002 3:18 PM
Somewhere in the Rivendell web site, Grant Petersen says, "It's a piece of outdoor equipment. It's going to get scratched." Living with my Atlantis is a lot easier since i read that. Just go ride.