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Build suggestions please.(7 posts)

Build suggestions please.muncher
Apr 12, 2002 5:49 AM
220- lb rider - X-light (black deco), full Chorus (Record levers). Which:-

Wheels/Wheels&hub build
Bars (need a 46)
Seat post

Don't want to spend 1,000s on wild exotic parts, but want a nice finish in keeping with the general providence of the bike.

Suggestions welome - thanks.

Build suggestionsLigon
Apr 12, 2002 6:40 AM
This is really what I like, but would also be excellent choices for you.

Prebuilt: Ksyrium's
Less Expensive Custom: Chorus or Record hubs(32) laced to open pro rims 3x front and rear especially @ 220lbs.

Bars: ITM Millennium

Seat Post: Thompson Elite Aluminum(silver)

Cages: Elite Ciussi

This is stuff that I use and like but consider it to be average stuff and not over the top. By average I mean average in price certainly not in quality.

Just some thoughts!!!
Enjoy the new bike!!

re: Build suggestions please.tarwheel
Apr 12, 2002 7:00 AM
Wheels -- Open Pros with Chorus or Record hubs are hard to beat for the price.
Bars -- My Ritchey WCS bars are light weight with shallow drop and short reach, which is what I prefer. I spend much more times in the drops than ever before because i can comfortably reach them for a change.
Seat Post -- Chorus ti seems like a good value for a lightweight post, if the adjustability is OK for you.
Cages -- Cuissi Elite stainless.
re: Build suggestions please.jw25
Apr 12, 2002 12:33 PM
Well, for a bike like that, and considering your size, I'd skip the ultra-trick stuff, but keep it nice - maybe one level down from the superlights.
Wheels - it's hard to beat chorus/record hubs (32 or 36 hole depending on your riding style) laced to something a little beefier - maybe CXP-33's? The Open Pro would be okay, but a rim with a little more depth stiffens and strengthens the entire wheel.
bars - well everyone has their own preferences, but I'd steer clear of the sub-200 gram units. You probably know what bar shape works best, and anything around 240 grams or so should be stiff enough for sprinting work.
post - well, you can't beat Thomson. They're a little pricey for aluminum, but well worth it in terms of weight and reliability. Black ano would match the frame really nicely, too.
cages - Elite Ciussi's or Ciussi stainless would be my pick - the buttons really hold the bottle better, they come in black, or a bunch of other colors, and aren't that expensive.
My turnNessism
Apr 13, 2002 8:10 AM
For wheels you can't go wrong with Chorus hubs and Mavic or Velocity rims. 32 hole w/14/15 spokes is hard to beat - no offence but at 220 lbs. becareful of light wheels.

Bars: again at 220 lbs. you might want to go for medium weight such as TTT Forma SL or Itm 260's.

Seatpost: Campy Ti. Super nice looking post to my eye. Much nicer looking and more classic looking than Thomson - again to my eye.

Cages: Blackburn stainless. Get the stronger mountain style - 53 grams each. The surface finish will not mar and they are...stainless - steel, durable, fair price. The Elite AL cages are super strong but they are heavy, 75 grams each, and the buttons corrode and turn black/green. Stainless Elite cages are major bucks and poor value in my opinion.

Post a follow up and let us know what you decide.

Thanks Chapsmuncher
Apr 15, 2002 12:42 AM
Still at the decision making stage (and haven't actually broached the thorny issue of "another" bike with Mrs M yet), but some good food for thought there...

Will let you know what turns out.
Thanks Chapsmmquest
Apr 15, 2002 8:15 PM
I've had to deal with the "broacing" myself a time or two, especially trying to explain all of the "extras" you need after you spend $$$$ on a frame and components. You probably need more help with that for now...;)