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Inside Chain rub(5 posts)

Inside Chain rubspdplayr
Apr 11, 2002 11:06 AM
I've read the archives, tweaked my front der. ala Park Tools guide, and still have rub on the inside of my der. when I am in 39x25. I've decided that it's either Giant's chainstay geometry causing the problem or my SRAM 9.0 chain on the ultegra der. what do you all think?
re: Inside Chain rubChen2
Apr 11, 2002 1:38 PM
This particular type of rub could be caused by too much cable tension on the front derailleur or the need for a new cable and/or cable housing, or the inside limit screw.
still...Inside Chain rubspdplayr
Apr 11, 2002 2:05 PM
welp. here's the deal. the cable and housing are both new, as they are part of a new rig with all new parts. and when i was installing the der. i thought about too much tension and took the cable out of the pinch bolt and all but took out the inside limiter too. still i get the rub.
The dealRusty Coggs
Apr 11, 2002 6:18 PM
Put the chain on the small ring and the big cog,amd release the cable. Adjust the low limit screw so there is 1mm clearance between the inner cage and the the inside of the chain.If you cannot get this clearance,then the derailer mounting is possibly at fault,or you may need to shim the BB as suggested. If the adjustment can be made, reattach the cable but be careful of too much tension.
re: Inside Chain rubcurlybike
Apr 11, 2002 2:55 PM
Clamp on or bolt on der.? If it is a bolt on, the tab on the frame may need to be bent toward the rear of the bike. I have als had to relieve the der. linkage with a Dremel to allow the der to retract more. It may be closing up and hitting inside itself. Is the cage aligned properly with the chain rings? Some people don't know that you can move the der around in the hanger tab on the frame. Clamp-ons can be easier to wirk with. You may have to resort to putting a 1mm spacer behind the bb cup on the drive side of the bike. The Sram chain is .3mm wider than the Shimano, that may be enuff to hoze you.