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Chainline, BB and crank for fixed-gear?(1 post)

Chainline, BB and crank for fixed-gear?SS_MB-7
Apr 11, 2002 8:58 AM
I'm building up a fixed-gear/singlespeed cyclocross bike (42x15 fixed, 42x18 free) with a flip-flop hub that has a rear chainline of ~53.0mm with 135mm rear spacing. I have yet to decide on which BB/crank I'm going to go with.

What is chainline distance from the centerline of the seat tube to the centerline of the big chainring on Shimano and Campy cranks? What BB spindle length will I need? Will the ring be mounted on the inside or outside of the spider?

Most of the specs I've found are as follows:
- Campy has 43.5mm (measured between the rings) with 102mm BB
- Shimano has 43.5mm (measured between the rings) with 109.5mm BB and 43.5mm (measured to the middle ring) with 118mm BB. The Dura Ace track BB/crank indicates the chainline is also 43.5mm based on 109.5mm BB.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.