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Campag 10 speed chains.(3 posts)

Campag 10 speed chains.Boyd
Apr 11, 2002 3:22 AM
I've been running Campag 10 speed now for well over a year and am still on my original chain. I had to replace a permalink a few months back as the old one broke, but apart from that, I've probably clocked up about 5000 miles on one chain. I have a Rohloff chain wear measuring device which tells me, that the chain is still good, but I can hardly believe it. Is it possible that the 10 speed uses a slightly different link length, and should I replace the chain anyway. The last think I want to do is wear out the drivetrain as it'll cost a fortune to replace.

replace it....C-40
Apr 12, 2002 8:24 AM
As cheap as chains are, I wouldn't waste the money on a Campy permalink, just to get a little more mileage from an old chain. I've found that the campy 10 chain lasts as long as anything other chain (other than the early model permalinks that did wear prematurely).

I've measured stretch of only 1/16 inch in four feet on campy 10 chains with 4000 miles of use. Up to 1/16 inch per foot is permissable. I still change the chain annually to insure maximum drivetrain life and optimum shifting performance.
Measure lengthKerry
Apr 12, 2002 6:04 PM
My experience with chain wear measurement tools (Park) has been less than stellar. The real measure is the standard 0.05% elongation (1/16" per 12" original chain length). You can easily measure this with any decent ruler, and it is the best direct measurement. My last Record chain (9 sp) I got 11K miles before it reached 0.05%.