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Marlon. Did you solve your lever problem?(1 post)

Marlon. Did you solve your lever problem?Sintesi
Apr 10, 2002 8:57 AM
you posted the following message last March and I was wondering if you reached a solution short of replacement?

Yes my lever is doing the same thing. That little screw behind the lever is missing, as Grzy suggested, so I'm going to replace it tonight and see if that does anything. i should probably change my cables as well.

oh well, if you (or anyone) see this let me know what you did.

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Shimano STI lever failures?
Marlon - 03:00am Mar 18, 2001
Guest User

Anyone else have this problem with Shimano STI?

When pushing my right inner lever to make a downshift to a harder (smaller) cog on the rear derailleur, the outer lever moves with the inner lever instead of staying put. Shifting is still possible, but only if you hold the outer lever still while pushing the inner lever. Upshifting to an easier (larger) cog is still ok.

This happened to my Ultegra shifter (ST-6501), but I've heard rumours of it happening to 105's and Dura-Aces. No crashes, no sticky parts, but something internally wrong... Anyone have any ideas for a cure, asides from buying a new shifter?