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I can't decide on which Lemond Zurich! Can someone help?(3 posts)

I can't decide on which Lemond Zurich! Can someone help?ADKBiker
Apr 9, 2002 8:30 PM
I am interested in the Lemond Zurich. I found two of them at different shops. One is the 2001 Yellow/Blue with Rolf Vector Comp wheels. The brake cable guides or on the neck of the frame instead of the down tube, which I heard that its better because the cables won't scratch the paint. They say that the frame is the same frame as the 2002 (Is this true?). This 2001 is going for $1650. The second bike is a 2002 Zurich, which the colors are Silver/Blue with Bontrager Race Lite wheels, and the cable guides are on the down tube. This 2002 is going for $1775. What should I do? Which one is a better deal?
Go for the 2002 the race lites are great wheels. (nm)ciclista
Apr 10, 2002 5:30 AM
re: I can't decide on which Lemond Zurich! Can someone help?atpjunkie
Apr 10, 2002 12:25 PM
Buy the 2001, it's the same frame (853 Pro), The Bontrager wheels are copies of the Rolf as Rolf no longer has the OEM deal with Trek (yes Trek owns LeMond, yes they own Bontrager and yes they own Klein and Fisher as well) so the wheels are the real only diff. I think the 2001 is a better looking bike and you can get it cheaper. Head tube mounting on the cable guides is a new/old rendition. Most people really like it and supposedly has some cable tension benefits.
My girlfriend has a 2001 Maillot Jaune (same frame as the Zurich w/ Dura Ace & Rolf Sestierre's, I have a 2000 Zurich w/ about 5000 miles and we couldn't be happier.) oh and I think the 2001's as a line were more attractive than the 02's