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Problems with Sidi G4(2 posts)

Problems with Sidi G4wilier
Apr 9, 2002 9:12 AM
I don't know if shoes are a legitimate "components" discussion, but here goes anyways.

BACKGROUND: Historically, I've been a user of Time shoes and pedals. Recently I started getting sick of the rather extreme amount of float and lateral movement, so I decided to try the Look 396 (adjustable float) with the new Sidi Genius 4 shoes. The verdict is still out on the pedals, but the shoes are killing me!! and I'm wondering if there are adjustments that can be made.

DISCLAIMER: First off, yes I did try them on at a shop, but they don't really start hurting my feet until about 15 miles on the road, so the discomfort could not be predicted. Second, I have worn many other shoes in my cycling days and have never had issues. Third - yes, it's only been about 200 miles. I'll at least go to 500 miles before selling the things.

THE PROBLEM: It seems to me that the rear of the shoe is significantly raised from the front of the shoe. There is a distinct "plane" of elevation at the arch that goes all the way to the outer sole of the shoe. (usually we see a raised arch, but the raised portion ends in the center of the shoe - does not keep going to the outside of the shoe - hope this makes sense.) I have compared the shape of the Sidi sole with other Sidi shoes (but not the G3) and no other Sidi shoe I have seen has a similar sole shape/profile. After pedaling for 30 minutes, the outer sole of my feet (both) begin to experience some significant pain. While I need the arch supports on the inside of my feet at the arch, I don't need it on the outside of my feet.

1) Anyone else have this problem? What can be done about it?
2) Will riding for a few hundred more miles help me get used to it, or are the shoes simply the wrong shape for my feet?
3) Has anyone tried custom "orthotics" or any over-the-counter inserts for cycling shoes that worked? (cheap?)
4) Any random thoughts or ideas?

The bottom line is I'd hat to have to kill the shoes if I can get them to work. $200 is too much since I can probably only get $75 on eBay for used shoes.

Thanks a bunch!!! You guys have been very helpful in the past and you should know that it's appreciated.

re: Problems with Sidi G4LC
Apr 9, 2002 5:55 PM
Sounds like they just don't work for you. Shoes should feel comfortable mile after mile and if they don't, then you chose the wrong ones. Most people cycle for fun, but if your feet hurt then you probally are not having much of that.

Orthotics tend to take up a lot of room, which most cycling shoes do not have much extra. i have seen cycling specific ones, but not sure where to find them off hand. It would still be a shot in the dark, unless they are specifically made for you.

G3's work for me, but I have not really looked at the G4's so I don't know if they changed anything? One small hint is that SIDI seems to be made for a toe down style of pedaling and if you are more of heel down type then you may have problems with these shoes.