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what do i have here?(8 posts)

what do i have here?Spirito
Apr 7, 2002 6:26 AM
i have a set of older style brake levers made by mafac, alloy with plastic levers that are in bone colored. very light.

i have suggestions that they are randonneur type bars but i would see them as pefect for priest or moustache type bars as well.

does anyone know when they were made? anyone have links or pics with these type levers? all info is appreciated.
huh.. where are the clamps?colker
Apr 7, 2002 7:49 AM
pretty levers. moustache bars look cool. are you planning a brooks swift on the mercxx? expensive seats but.. are they pretty or what?
very prettySpirito
Apr 7, 2002 8:59 AM
i dont know if i will have the money for one. and besides i like to ride in the rain so maybe its not a good idea.

in europe ive seen i few places that have the brooks swift in a rich burgundy red and as the merckx has red detail on the frame ive been thinking it would really cool and very posuer which i like. it goes without saying that tressotar red cloth bartape is to be ordered as well.

the clamps i dont have but i would be very surprised if $2 items from a local bike store cant be made to work. but these levers wont be for the merckx but am i am looking for more info on them as a similar pair sold for a very nice price on ebay recently and as these are plastic levers i figure it probably makes them even more rare. in all i would say the total weight is somewhere around 130grams so i guess these are the percusor to campy carbons.....ahhh the french - so is plastic is better than carbon as these are lighter?

who knows?
"i'm ridin in the rain"colker
Apr 7, 2002 11:44 AM
"what a glorious feeling... i'm happy again!"
red brooks... it sounds good, doesn't it? that's a good character name.
"hey Red!! Red Brooks..."
Late 60'sNATHNOJ
Apr 7, 2002 8:46 PM
I have a set of those at home in a parts bin, pulled off my grandmothers almost never-used, approx late 60's Gitane touring bike. It was a 10spd, with moustache bars, TA (?) cranks, etc. I took it apart years ago, almost everything except the frame is still in a box, and asides from some chrome pitting, perfect.

What did the Mafac's sell for?
thanks for the info...Spirito
Apr 7, 2002 10:08 PM
scrounged from a few other peoples collective wisdom and found their name or the type of lever was referred to as 'ville'.

of course im doing a bit of speculating but figure there aren't too many of these around and i have seen some plastic bits made by simplex fetch some crazy money by japanese collectors so i listed mine as im likely to never use them. if i get $5 i'll be happy anything more will be a plesant oddity. a set of similar but alloy or steel levers recently went for ....(oh, my gosh)
have a look yourself

who knows what they are worth...ill soon find out :-)
Apr 7, 2002 10:34 PM
That box of parts I have is going up for sale in a month when I get home. I have a set of those Mafac road calipers that were selling for crazy money, among other things....
i hear ya....Spirito
Apr 8, 2002 7:25 AM
i have a new in box set of mafac centrepulls up for auction now as well. i never got a round to using them and seeing some of the rarer used models fetch $400+ and $250 recently had me thinking whooohooo!

if you want to follow my auction your welcome

i have a new in box simplex derailleur and shifter set that is going nicely as well.

if you have any questions about model name, parts or help with description feel free to ask. i am still scratching my head as to why japanese collectors are keener on old french parts rather than italian. but they are the ones keeping the prices bouyant and high.

i have another complete new brakeset that is even better in terms of desireability but will offer that later after seeing how this one goes and i also did not wanting to "flood" the market as it were.

i think i have found myself a perfect hobby and a profitable one at that. i have had a lot of new french period parts and never got around to rebuilding an old frame - i had literally forgotten about them until i came accross a isting on the classic rendezvous site about record highs paid for parts sold on ebay.

it didn't take much thinking before i called an ex-girlfriend in australia (where im from) to get all my french oddities out of storage and sent to me.

i really had nothing to lose as i haven't even seen the parts for over 7 years and had almost forgotten about them. i recall that the prices i paid were ridiculously low as in the late 80's they were literally giving them away and i was hopelessly bemused by their funny designs and funky appearance with use of plastic and such - so i bought them just for fun.

i cant wait to list my other french hordings - complete cranksets, high flange hubs and other brakes - all new in box.

i am now addicted to ebay but in a nicer way than being a buyer.