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Help with Speedplay pedal problem(2 posts)

Help with Speedplay pedal problemtommyboy
Apr 6, 2002 10:15 PM
Bought new Carnac road shoes, new Speedplay cleats and adapter for Speedplay X2 pedals. My shoes disengage way too easy now for some reason..just think about heel out and I'm out of there! Never had this problem before with Sidi shoes. No real help from Speedplay tech support..have been to 4 local luck... shoe do does same thing on other bikes with Speedplay..old cleats still function properly..any one else with this problem? Any solutions/ideas... ready to junk these and go back to Looks.. thanks for any ideas...
re: Help with Speedplay pedal problemRolf Sindoe
Apr 7, 2002 11:18 PM
Maybe the Carnac's sole is curved in a different way from your old shoes, and maybe this results in a bad fit w. Speedplay cleats? Never had problems like that w. my two pairs of Speedplay. On the contrary: I sometimes find it very difficult to engage in the pedals because of wear of/dirt in cleats. - Have you tried to use the old cleats from your SIDI's on the Carnac's?

Are you sure, you
1)have placed the cleats exactly where they are on the old shoe (you should be able to measure this)?
2)haven't over-tightened the new cleat or
3) perhaps used to many or to few adapter-shims on the Carnac's?