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Screaching noise in drivetrain HELP?(2 posts)

Screaching noise in drivetrain HELP?liu02bhs
Apr 6, 2002 4:58 PM
Today I noticed a screaching noise in on my bike. I think it's from the drivetrain, but I'm not sure. It sounds like rubber rubbing against something. But it's not the tires or the rim. It's sort of random, with no specific timing pattern. I think it may possibly be coming from the BB/crank. Can someone help me ID where this noise may be coming from?
More information/trouble shooting guideKerry
Apr 7, 2002 4:32 PM
You need to determine whether this noise happens in all gears, if the bike is under load (in the workstand vs. being ridden), whether only when pedaling or when coasting too, when standing up or sitting down, etc. Get a lot more information on when it happens. This will give you insight into possible causes.