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Justifying component upgrades.(10 posts)

Justifying component upgrades.bikenraider99
Apr 5, 2002 7:31 AM
I'm building another road bike with Campy components this time. However, I'm kinda torn between using their Centaur line or their Chorus. I always picture Chorus and Ultegra as a racers line (I race Cat 5 this year, 1st time road racing). I want something durable and something that is raceable. Leaning towards the Chorus line because of my mileage (getting in 10K this year).
re: Justifying component upgrades.RideLots
Apr 5, 2002 8:09 AM
Go for it; you won't regret it.
How good is Centaur?mwood
Apr 5, 2002 8:43 AM
I'm now looking at having a new LBS (some good young guys took off from one of the established, rip off shops) build a bike for me. We're considering the Colnago Master Xlight steel frame and they have suggested Centaur. I've used Ultegra for awhile, don't know anything about Campy.
It looks like Ultegra slots in right between Chorus and Centaur, price wise. If Ultegra really is a Chorus equivalent, am I to draw the conclusion that Campy is just that much more money? Would Centaur be close to 105? I imagine they all work very well...
I'm leaning toward a Chorus build, it justs seems "right" to build a Colnago w/Campy.
How good is Centaur?pa rider
Apr 5, 2002 9:07 AM
The centaur is a good group. If you must have the best buy record. You can get alot of years out of centaur and see no performance issues.

My LBS is trying to sell me a Merlin and said the Chorus isn't worth the cost over Centaur. By the way it's at the same level as Ultegra. It's a good group to have that gets you 10 speed drive train.

If your going to get the lightest or best components get the record if you can justify the cost. I would still be riding the Centaur after 30k before it wears out compared to this Ultegra group I put on my bike this year.

Just my opinion.
How good is Centaur?Sintesi
Apr 5, 2002 9:09 AM
Centaur/Daytona group was created to be directly competitive with Ultegra. You'll notice the price points match almost exactly. It is fairer to compare Chorus w/ Dura-Ace than Ultegra because it is of equal quality with the Record group but lacks all the fancy light carbon parts. Centaur is an excellent solid group, the shifting levers have little harder throw because they use bushings instead of ball bearings and of course is a little heavier than Chorus. Note also you get 10 speeds w/ Centaur which is one up on Ultegra. Ultegra is pretty hot sh!t too though. Can't go wrong.
How good is Centaur?bikenraider99
Apr 5, 2002 9:29 AM
Thanks. Well, I'm riding Tiagra on one bike, and 105 on the other. I've been building my own wheels with Ultegra hubs and was considering an Ultegra bike. However, I'm getting a Gios or Masi frame and would like to put Campy (for that traditional Euro feel *S*) on the bike. I know Record/Chorus are tried and true, however, I feel I don't ride enough or competitively enough to warrent Record. Chorus on the other hand has the "Ultegra" appeal (i.e. "I ride lots, but I'm still price oriented"). Centaur is a consideration because I don't want 10 speed, I want 9 speed. The Centaur I've seen advertised and that my LBS carries is 9 speed.
So, in conclusion, Centaur = Ultegra; while Chorus = Dura Ace; and Record is just plain top notch?
Get the one you like the feel of.Sintesi
Apr 5, 2002 10:01 AM
Some people don't like the campy ergo feel and think Shimano is a lot smoother. Some can't stand the grips on Shimano levers and like the more solid shifting detents of Campy. There are other minor differences but ultimately it's a matter of personal choice. Try to ride it and see if you like Centaur first. Italian groups on an Italian bikes is a cool thing to do but it's not sacriledge if you don't. ;) Not everyone likes this group as well as the other. But quality won't be an issue with either group in my opinion.

One more thing, Dura-Ace and Record are pro-level components and Record slightly edges Dura-Ace on weight. there are no real differences form a performance standpoint. I would place Chorus as a close second to these groups.
How good is Centaur?SnowBlind
Apr 5, 2002 10:04 AM
I went with Chorus drivetrain, with Record bearing surfaces. I just don't trust carbon on parts exposed in a crash like the Rear DR and the shifters.
Having a grease port on the hubs and headset is a real nice feature, esp. if you are doing 10K a year. If you are doing that, you gotta do some of it in crappy weather.
Oh, went with the Record cranks because they look so damn good...
For racing you are gonna love the fast shift, 1-5 gears in one throw, and the 11-21 single tooth between gears of the 10 speed.
Centaur = Ultegra?surly357
Apr 6, 2002 10:48 AM
At least as far as triple & double 9 speed groups are concerned wholesale pricing on 105 and Centaur is within 5 bucks. How about trying Centaur with the nice Chorus bearing type levers?
That's part of the image problem,TJeanloz
Apr 8, 2002 4:31 AM
Centaur (nee Daytona) was nicely designed by Campy to go head-to-head with Ultegra, it debuted at exactly the same wholesale price as Ultegra. In its first year, there were a number of identical bikes at identical prices with a Daytona or Ultegra option. But Campy and Shimano don't have a lot of influence on the currency markets, and the Euro got substantially weakened vs. the dollar, while the Yen actually gained some ground back. So now, Centaur, though designed to compete with Ultegra, is priced like 105. And foolish Americans compare things by price, and presume it to be worse than Ultegra and comparable to 105. Having worked quite a bit with all three groups, I'd take Centaur over Ultegra in a heartbeat.