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Ultegra pulley bearing questions(6 posts)

Ultegra pulley bearing questionsCrankist
Apr 4, 2002 10:50 AM
I was surprised to find that the upper pulley has ceramic bushings instead of sealed ball bearings as in the lower.
What lube for the ceramic (if any) and why different set-ups?
they're both sealedPaul
Apr 4, 2002 11:29 AM
No surprise, that's the way it's advertised, and marked.Both pulleys are sealed, so I wouldn't bother lubing. I had 8 speed Ultegra with bushings, and I used lithium grease. Worked fine. I would go out and buy the pulleys that have sealed bearings
and just replace the Ultegra.
Ultegra pulley bearing questions answered!!!funknuggets
Apr 4, 2002 12:31 PM
In my research on the topic below regarding pulley tension, I just up and called Shimano and their reply was as follows: The upper pulley is ceramic because it has a greater lateral float. The lower (tension) pulley requres no lateral movement, therefore they use the sealed ball bearings in the lower.

They also said it is normal for the upper pulley to seem tighter than the lower, but as long as you can turn it by hand without much effort, it is fine.

Can anyone else test this with a new D/A or Campy rear dr?
Then why does the upper Dura Ace Guide pulley have bearings? nmPaul
Apr 5, 2002 4:44 AM
re: Ultegra pulley bearing questionsLC
Apr 4, 2002 12:52 PM
The Ultegra and 105 upper pulleys have always given me problems. The are stiff and squeak too. I never could find a solution to really make it better for more than a few rides, so I replaced them with either Dura Ace or aftermarket pulleys and no problems since. I even took a lower sealed ultegra pulley and put it in the upper and it worked great too. Shifting actually improved without the side-to-side play normally built into the pulley, but it takes more care to adjust properly.
Apr 5, 2002 6:53 AM
The lateral float is logical answer and a sensible design. I have re-packed it with lithium grease. I re-packed the "sealed" ball bearing with normal grease as the seals
are only a fair suggestion of their intended purpose. Anyway, the top pulley doesn't bind; I'm good for another 1,000,000,000 miles.