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Flight Deck compatibility(3 posts)

Flight Deck compatibilityRolandF
Apr 4, 2002 6:51 AM

I just purchased a new road bike, which came with a Shimano 105 group. I want to install a Flight Deck, but my LBS has never (!) installed one, and I need some pro advice. I've been getting nothing but confusion from the LBS as well as their supplier as to whether or not I can get full Flight Deck support with my 105 levers. According to Shimano, there are 3 different 105 levers.... model 5500, 5500C and 5500CA. The 5500 has only basic support. Under the rubber hoods, my levers are stamped "5500". The levers themselves have "Flight Deck" printed on the upper part of the brake lever. I have read some info which says levers printed "Flight Deck" offer full support. The lever hoods have a rubber button on both the right and left. The documention that came with the bike is for the 5500CA levers. According to the LBS's supplier, since the levers are stamped "5500", they have only basic support (no cadence, no gear display).

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


re: Flight Deck compatibilityDrD
Apr 4, 2002 9:29 AM
Well - the fact that they say flight deck on them would make me think they are the 5500C - however, the true test is to see if the levers contain the flight deck interface - pull back the rubber hood on the lever - on the inside of each lever (the side where the button is) there will be a little panel held in place with two screws - remove the panel - if the levers are truly flight deck compatible, there will be a little ribbon cable poking out of the lever in there - that's the part which the computer uses to see which gear you are in - if it's not there, then the levers are not the flight deck compat. ones, and you are stuck with no gear/cadence info.
re: Flight Deck compatibilityRolandF
Apr 5, 2002 5:36 AM
Thanks for the info, DrD.... with all the varying opinions we received, the LBS finally decided to just call Shimano dealer support yesterday, who verified that they're 5500CA's. I guess his supplier better get some accurate info before telling customers their equipment isn't compatible.

Thanks again,