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Colnago Vs Klein Angles and Stems(3 posts)

Colnago Vs Klein Angles and Stemsmonkey mlik
Apr 3, 2002 11:00 AM
Hi all, I just bought a 2002 Klein Quantum Race, it replaced my 1992 Colnago SLX Conic. The size of the Colnago was 56cm top tube and 56cm seat tube (all centre to centre) and the Klein is 56cm seat tube and a 57cm top tube. my stem on the Colnago was 120mm. I thought that since the Klein had a top tube, logic would say get stem 1cm shorter...right. However I didnt take into account the different angles on the two frames. The Klein has a steeper angle than the Colnago. I think the Colnago is 72or 72.5 degrees and the Klein has a 73.5 degree angle. I tried to set up the Klein like I had my Colnago but it just does not feel right. How do I translate the difference in angles to stem lenght. I know that it is all personal preference but how do I get the same feel and reach as the Colnago. I know this seems complicated I just hope someone can figure it out. If you need more info let me know as I am at my wits end
I'd like to know, too...jeebus
Apr 3, 2002 9:01 PM
I've had a Klein for few years now, and recently bought an old 1980s Trek racer with a great riding Reynolds 531 frame. Both are the same size, but because the angles are different I can't achieve similar riding positions on the two frames. If anything, I'm finding that I prefer the Trek's geometry compared to the Klein's. (Although... the Klein's lightweight and responsiveness win my heart)

The Trek puts me behind the bottom bracket and over the handlebars a bit more. How can I achieve this on the Klein?

I have the seat pushed all the way back already. Would a shorter stem and setback seat post help? I suspect, this would only screw up my balance between front and aft (I'd be too far behind the handlebars).


Three step process.Spoke Wrench
Apr 4, 2002 6:32 AM
It's helpful if you have an old bike to copy (provided you are delighted with the fit). If you follow this process, Klein top tubes will "ride" longer than they look on paper.

1. Set the saddle height. There's lots of ways to do this. I think the LEAST accurate way is to measure your inseam and multiply by a fudge factor. When you do that, you're multiplying the error of a fairly ticklish measurement.

2. Set your saddle front to back position. Knee over pedal is a common rule of thumb. Don't be surprised if, on your Klein, you have to push the saddle back as far as it will go.

3. Now you can position the handlebar relative to your saddle. I measure from the seat and handlebar tops to the floor to determine handlebar height relative to the seat. I measure horizontally from the nose of the saddle to the back of the bar top to get the reach.