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Bottom Bracket shudder/binding(1 post)

Bottom Bracket shudder/bindingjustina
Mar 31, 2002 7:09 PM
I have a new 10sp chorus group on an old litespeed Catalyst frame. Under hard efforts, like grinding out a muscle tension interval, I get a shudder in the drivetrain. Feels like the BB may be flexing and binding up. It only seems to happen when I'm both pulling and pushing with all my strength and putting the most torque on my BB. Hence it's my prime suspect. Also my 4 year old LX BB on my Mountain Bike seems to spin more freely than my virtually new (300 miles) fancy Italian BB. Had the bike apart and I'm usually pretty good at being my own wrench but can't seem to lick this one. Any ideas/experience with this phenomenon would be much appreciated. Thanks,