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28h rear question..(3 posts)

28h rear question..Wise
Mar 30, 2002 10:59 AM
Hi, i ordered a pair of 28h velocity aerohead rims for $25 hoping to build up a pair of lightweight, inexpensive race wheels. I don't expect any problems with the front wheel, but I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions c/o the best way to build up a 28h rear wheel. I'm not particularly heavy, only 145 lbs, does that mean i dont have to worry?

Also, any advice on hubset selection would be appreciated.. I'm a collegiate rider so money is an issue.. rear hub must be HG compatible

Thanks in advance for your expert advice..
No probs at your weight.jw25
Mar 30, 2002 1:59 PM
Heck, at 145 lbs, you can run pretty much anything.
I don't think a 28 hole rear will give you any problems, but I'd go with a 3X lace on both sides, with 14/17's on the left, and 14/15's on the right. That way, the tension is more even, and if you drop a chain, the drive spokes are thicker, so they'll survive until you can replace them.
I actually just built up a set of Aeroheats for the MTB, and had no problems, even though they don't have eyelets. Just be sure to grease the nipple seats and spoke threads. I was worried about running alloy nips, but everything's fine so far.
Up front, you could run radial if you like, but 2X isn't much heavier, and especially with a rim that shallow, may stay true longer. I'd definitely go Revo's up front, too.
For hubs, at the collegiate level, you can't beat Ultegra. Maybe look around on Ebay, and you should be able to grab a set for cheap. Again, you'll probably find 28's pretty easily, as people seem to prefer 32's.
Ultegra's roll very nicely, aren't much heavier than Dura-Ace, and can be rebuilt for a few bucks worth of bearings and grease. If you get them, do yourself a favor and go 2X up front, as Shimano won't warranty radial-laced hubs. Doesn't mean you can't do it (one of my training wheels is older 105 radial-laced, and it's seen many miles and some hard crashes no problem), but just in case.
If you're building these yourself (hey, it's fun), there's all sorts of help out there. Sheldon Brown has a great site, with plenty of links. For spokes, I've built with DT Revo's, Wheelsmith XL-14's, and Sapim Lasers. All are 14/17 DB, and all build up about the same. The thinner the spoke, the more it winds up as tension increases, but with a little practice, you'll learn to feel this, and overtighten and back off a quarter or half-turn, to compensate. Remember to stress-relieve, and I bet these wheels will see you through your collegiate career.
Apologies if you've built before.
re: 28h rear question..sprockets2
Mar 31, 2002 9:04 AM
I think it is usually better to err on the side of strength, that said, the 28h can work but use 14/15 and build both sides 3x. You did say RACING.