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appropriate tires for old 700C non-hooked type rims(6 posts)

appropriate tires for old 700C non-hooked type rimsOutWest
Mar 29, 2002 10:31 PM
I'm happily refitting an old Nishiki 10 speed road frame for my 11 yr old son, it fits him and was free, so far so good! I replaced the original Diacompe and Suntour components with a pristine group from another bike no problem. I didn't think to check the wheel size and got a bit of a shock when I went to install the 27x1 1/8" Conti's I had searched all over for. Seems I have a pair of 700C schraeder valved wheels (with sealed bearings no less). I fitted them up with a servicable pair of Axial Pros for now and as my son weighs 80lbs I can keep the pressure at 70psi. Question is as these are NOT hooked rims is there any danger running modern tires on them? Do you think it would be OK as long as I keep the pressure down? Does anybody know if they still make a tire for these rims? Sure is going to be sweet taking him out for his first real skinny tire road ride! Thanks
re: appropriate tires for old 700C non-hooked type rimscurlybike
Mar 30, 2002 8:00 AM
I believe that all folding tires,( Axial Pros) require a hooked bead rim. Find tires with wire in the beads. Some of the lower level michelins have a wire bead. The package will have a graphic showing if there is compatability, I think. I think you can expect blowouts if you use the AP tires, especially if he hits a pothole.That bead will climb right on out of there.
Ask around for "hard to mount tires."Spoke Wrench
Mar 30, 2002 8:05 AM
Keep the air pressure below about 85psi and you should be OK.

On the other hand, those rims are pretty old anyway. Check the brake surfaces to see if they feel concave. As the rim sidewalls wear, they allow the flanges to flare out under air pressure and allow a high pressure tire to blow off. A new set of wheels will be less expensive and probably less trouble than replacing the kid.
Chen ShinAlexx
Mar 30, 2002 9:49 AM
They make a tire (called a CST) for road bikes, and it's a b!tch to mount!! There doesn't seem to be any "hooked" ridge, so it should work.
FWIW, Specialized Turbo Armadillos have 2 pressure ratings: 1 for hooked, and a lower one for unhooked. Buy him a set of those, and you won't need to fix any flats, either!
Thanks for the info,he will be starting out easy so...OutWest
Mar 30, 2002 11:41 AM
...I will keep the pressure down to 80psi and look for a set of the Cheng Shins or an equivalent. When he gets aggressive I will get a new set of wheels for hi-performance tires. The rims are almost totally virgin as the bike they came from was only ridden 20 miles or so!
Thank you all, I might even post a pic when done as it will be good looking retro bike!
re: appropriate tires for old 700C non-hooked type rimsguido
Mar 30, 2002 6:44 PM
Some of the most comfortable rims I've ever ridden were Weinmann concaves, with thick, non-hooked sidewalls and concave centers. They were very stout, like some of the big aero rims are today, and handled potholes and steel plates nicely. I ran wire beaded 700x28C's on them and never had any jump the rims at 95-110 psi. 70 psi is a bit soft for the real world. Skinny road tires need at least 90 psi to avoid pinch flats.

There are also many lightweight, fast, mid-priced wire-beaded tires, like Continental Ultra 2000, that would ride nicely on non-hooked rims, enabling these wheels to remain viable training wheels for a long time.

The LBS probably has those grommets that convert a shraeder valve hole to a presta hole on the rims. Shraeder valves leak alot when you have to pump them up by hand after a flat. On a group ride, everyone else has presta tubes and pump fittings, so you have to be totally self-sufficient, which, sooner or later, you won't be, when you've flatted your spare and the glue on your patch doesn't stick.

So ride with confidence on those non-hooked rims!