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Ever mix Zipp 303 and 404 wheels?(7 posts)

Ever mix Zipp 303 and 404 wheels?tirider
Mar 28, 2002 9:56 PM
I'm considering getting a Zipp wheelset (700c tubular) and the thought has crossed my mind that it would possibly make sense to run a 303 on the front and a 404 on the rear. These would be used for fast hilly training rides. My logic is that it would keep the weight down and make for a more managable bike in crosswinds. Ever seen it done... any thoughts? In lieu of this any suggestions between the 303s and 404s for road riding?
got bothRideLots
Mar 29, 2002 6:35 AM
There's not a whole lot of difference. The only time the wind is an issue is when it's really gusting from the side.

The slight problem with your solution is that the front wheel matters more aerodynamically than the rear, as the rear is a bit shielded and encounters more "dirty" (turbulent) air. But, yes, the rear is much less affected by the larger rim surface area.

For training rides? I doubt it would make much difference. If it were me, I'd use clinchers for training rides.

Also, if you are drafting a lot, riding in groups, I think weight will matter more than aero. 303's on both ends might be better.
Hey DougJekyll
Mar 30, 2002 8:07 AM
If I remeber correctly you have both Zipps and Heds. How do you think the Alps compare to 404's?
Training wheels?JS
Mar 29, 2002 8:29 AM
That's alot of coin to invest in some training wheels. If your dead set, then I'd get the 404 clincher set. I have 404 tubulars for racing and dig them alot. The whole crosswind thing is overblown(no pun intended), I raced these wheels in some pretty heavy winds without a problem and the sail effect is pretty sweet. Get clinchers though, tubulars are a hassle for anything but racing.
re: Ever mix Zipp 303 and 404 wheels?MGS
Mar 29, 2002 4:59 PM
Interesting idea. Certainly it seems that there is no reason not to mix them as people routinely mix Zip 404 with the disc in the rear.

Just as an aside, I use 404 clinchers. Aerodynamics beats weight gain on a wheel unless you are consistantly riding a greater than 3% incline all day, i.e., climbing the Alps, and no downhill for the entire day.

Other than that, the benefits of aero wheels exceed weight gain.

Also, I agree with other, clinchers beat tubulars, for ease of use, except for racing.
re: Ever mix Zipp 303 and 404 wheels?tirider
Mar 29, 2002 7:06 PM
Thanks for the info... yes I realize that the most aero effect comes from the front wheel... just thought it might be somewhat of a compromise. As to tubulars I think I'm getting nostalgic for my younger days... no doubt after a season of gluing etc I'll end up selling them on E-bay, having forgotten all the hassles. With Zipps it does seem there is a significant weight difference between their clincher and sew-up rims. Plus I somewhat enjoy that sandpaper sound when stopping with carbon rims.
I saw it done just this weekend. Too bad he rolled his tire off.AllUpHill
Apr 1, 2002 11:43 AM
At a crit on saturday, a guy in my race had 303 front 404 rear, both tubular, both 2002 models with the fancy new hubs. Too bad he rolled his rear off in the most difficult corner and took a violent fall right in the middle of the pack! I was behind him and just barely avoided riding right over his neck! You're putting not just yourself but others at risk when you don't glue your tires properly.