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Speedplay Pedals(7 posts)

Speedplay PedalsBacco
Mar 28, 2002 6:42 PM
I bought Speedplay Zeros with the expectation (based upon what I had read) that they would be easy to click into. I find they are much harder to click into that my doublesided SPDs pedals. The force required to click into my Zeros is really excessive compared to my SPDs as far as I am concerned. I have to put a good bit of my body weight on the Speedplay pedals to click into them which really slows me down while trying to get my second foot into the pedals since I can't do it while spinning like I do my SPDs. It really slows and unbalances the bike when I am pushing off from a stoplight and trying to click into the second pedal. Do the other Speedplays require a lot of force to click into? What's the best way to get into these pedals? I was talking to a biker this week who has X2's and he told me he doesn't use them in town because of the high force to click in. Geez, I thought Speedplays were suppose to be the best for fast, no-look clicking in. Yes, they are great once I get clicked in, but with frequent stopping and going, they are a pain. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe the Zeros require more force than the X2's or maybe mine are defective. Your thoughts please.
re: Speedplay Pedalsgonzo77
Mar 28, 2002 8:21 PM
I just got some Zero's myself. I had a hard time getting into them until I lubed em up with some White Lightning. Now they seem to work well. I find it easiest to get in when using a quick stomp. I've only had em 3 days so maybe i'll find a new trick. But the lube did definitely make a difference. Also make sure the 4 screws that hold the metal plate on aren't super tight, restricts the engaging mechanism. Good Luck.
re: Speedplay PedalsChen2
Mar 28, 2002 8:26 PM
A year ago I switched from SPD's to Speedplay X-1's. At first I was a bit disappointed in how long it took me to engage, but after a few rides they seemed to break in and I was fine with them. Now, after 2000 miles or so I can get on the Speedplays much quicker than I was ever able to engage the SPD's. I can get on both pedals before sitting down, any time, every time. Speedplay recommends using a wax lube like White Lightning on the cleats, and for me that really helped when the pedals and cleats were new.
re: Speedplay PedalsTJeanloz
Mar 29, 2002 5:39 AM
You may have tightened the bolts too much, restricting the spring's movement. Back off the mounting bolts a tiny bit, and see if that helps. My X/1's slip in and out at least as easy as any SPD.
I have no problem getting in...OwenMeany
Mar 29, 2002 6:37 AM
the "tightness" or difficulty of getting in is a function of the torque you put into the last set of mounting screws. Here's the deal, flip over your shoe and with your fingers push in and out the 2 parallel silver "clamping mechinisms". (They are parallel to each other at the toe and heal end of the opening for the pedel in the cleat). The should move in and out with out too much force...if they are to snug to move freely...loosen the four screws that hold the cleats top plate down, until they move a bit more freely. They will, overtime, loosen up a bit also. This applies to the X's for sure...I have had a peek at the Zeros and cannot recall if this adjustment would work for them....
re: Speedplay PedalsVW
Mar 29, 2002 10:54 AM
Also, never step on mud or wet gravel!

One time I stepped into wet gravel. I had trouble clipping-in all day long. Sometimes, even my full weight (I weigh 140lb) couldn't get one foot to clipped-in. I had to ride with one foot in proper clip-in position but not clipped-in for miles until it for some reason decided to finally snapped-in. When I got home, I had to disassemble and clean the cleats. Now they are easy to clip-in again!

White Lightning lube works pretty well on these cleats, eventhough they are very watery and runs all over the place after applying to the cleats. Most of the stuff just seemed to run out and lubricate the newspaper I place under the shoes after lubrication!
I've some of the same problemh82crk
Apr 1, 2002 10:46 AM
I've had some of the same thing going on but have adapted my starts off stoplights to push in as I accelerate. I've talked to a couple of people and they told me this would get better with time. Other than this I love the pedals and new shoes I got to go with them (Nike Hautacam)