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tips for mounting cleats(2 posts)

tips for mounting cleatsteddy b
Mar 28, 2002 10:25 AM
I just bought a new pair of sidi genious 4s. I paid full retail so I want to make sure I mount cleats correctly. I have Look pedals. Are these like spds in that once you really honk the screws down you make a permanent implant on the shoe and cannot be reset after? I got these new shoes and pedals because I have slight knee pain in right leg that I thought was from poor setting of wellgo pedals. So any tips would be greatly appreciated
Look cleatsjw25
Mar 29, 2002 4:52 PM
Alrighty. I'm using Looks with Genius 3's, so things should be the same.
First off, Look recommends setting the line on the side of the cleat even with the ball of your foot. It seems comfortable for me, though you probably know where you like your cleats.
Snce everything is plastic, there's not much of an indentation left by the cleat. They do have small raised spikes on the back, but they haven't chewed up my soles like metal cleats do (the Time ATAC's are terrible, with a big wedge on each cleat).
Also, since Sidi uses adaptors for each system, if your set get messed up, a new pair is fairly cheap. Probably free, if your LBS likes you, since every pair comes standard with Look plates, and here, lots of people don't want them.
Look also has a special cam that lets you ride (preferably on a trainer) with the cleats loose, and flip a lever to lock them in place when they feel comfortable. I haven't been able to find a set, though the PP-296 and 396 should include them. Maybe a plea to this site? They seems like a great idea, though the feeling while riding would probably be distracting.
Hope this helps a bit.