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Optimal wheelset for both TTs and road races(5 posts)

Optimal wheelset for both TTs and road racesSapdog
Mar 25, 2002 9:46 AM
I currently have a set of Mavic Open Pros that I'd like to relegate to training, and would like to find the optimal wheelset to handle (non-crit) road races and time trials. I realize there are different wheels to account forthe different situations, but my budget only allows for one new set. Is there a set that's a happy medium b/w aero and light? Can the set also be reasonably durable, and not through the roof expensive, (under $800)?

Also, am I making a distinction without a difference when talking about crits and other road races? I presume there's more surging in crits than in longer circuit races (thus a greater penalty for an more aero wheel), but is this inaccurate?

Finally, what kind of speed advantage have people found with their training vs. racing wheels. Some folks have told me 2-3 mph, which means at least for some of us amateurs, it is (partly) about the bike. Thanks in advance.
Used 404s, 440s or anything by hed 45+mmstr8dum1
Mar 25, 2002 10:33 AM
all under 800$

when you race, arent you in a pack for 90% of the time at least? aero = no advantage there. i have had top finishes in pro am races on my training cxp30/ult hubs as i have my 1100g Am Classic/ Zipp wheels.

TT'ng is a differnt story. you want the deepest dish wheels you can find.
Used 404s, 440s or anything by hed 45+mmweiwentg
Mar 25, 2002 11:52 AM
yes, the 404s look good. I would say the 303s, but I'm more of a road racer. still, the 303s have much lighter rims, and 38mm is already pretty deep.
this site has a deal on the '01 Zipps:
aside from slightly lighter hubs, I don't think the '02s are different from the '01s.
if you're set on 404s, a better deal can be found here:
re: Optimal wheelset for both TTs and road racesChen2
Mar 25, 2002 11:50 AM
If you can get an honest 1/2 mph advantage with a wheel set change you are doing well.
maybe 1 mph?RideLots
Mar 25, 2002 12:39 PM
Looking the data on the Cervelo website, for a Cat 4 25 mph timetrialer, the difference between a round tube bike and normal wheels and a full on aero timetrial bike with disc/deep wheels is about 1 mph, or 3 minutes for a 40k. Absolutely no way the entire bike package, much less the wheels alone, can make 2-3 mph difference. We are talking about very small, subtle differences here, with body position and shape affecting wind drag overwhelmingly the most. Remove the bike drag entirely, and you still would not see 2-3 mph gain.

I would recommend Zipp 303's or 404's. The 404's will be slightly better in a timetrial, but the 303's will be easier to handle in cross winds, and lighter for accelleration and climbing; I have both.

Unless you have support available, I'd also suggest getting the clincher versions. They also have much better braking.