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Difference between Chorus and Centaur hubs?(6 posts)

Difference between Chorus and Centaur hubs?DaveG
Mar 23, 2002 7:08 AM
I was looking to build up some new Campy wheels. Can anyone describe what's different between the '02 Centaur and Chorus hubs? Other than a measly 12 grams, they look the same and the Centaur huns save about $35.
Looks aren't everythingKerry
Mar 23, 2002 4:10 PM
It's kind of hard to judge bearing, race, cup, axle, etc. quality by looking at magazine or catalog pictures. For just about any brand, you can assume that everything is of higher quality/better finish/closer tolerances as you go up in price. Whether the next step up the line is "worth it" is up to you.
I was looking for some specifics...DaveG
Mar 23, 2002 7:02 PM
to help me decide if it was worth it. "Better" is just too subjective for me. Which parts are different or of different materials/finish. From the Campy spare parts catalog it appears many of the parts are the same.
You won't get specificsKerry Irons
Mar 24, 2002 8:26 PM
Since Campy doesn't publish the hardness or grind precision of their cups and cones or axles, nor the tolerances of their bearings, nor the density of their forgings, etc. You can't find this sort of information on any bike parts. And you also can't "calculate" the value of moving up the product line. Some people ride Record, while others ridicule it as a waste of money. No way to settle such an argument.
Look at the parts catalogBreakfast
Mar 23, 2002 8:18 PM

This requires Acrobat Reader for PDF files.
re: Difference between Chorus and Centaur hubs?slow-ron
Mar 25, 2002 6:31 AM
I've got both and on the bike I can't tell the difference. Visibly the main item is the bearing adjuster. On Chorus it's machined alum. & on daytona it looks to be injection molded plastic. This seems to be a big beef with most buyers. I've taken both apart to re-grease and the size of the parts are identical. The materials could be different on the races but I suspect they are not just because it would be easier to maintain one set of parts in the factory and not two. The hub shells could also be made of a different material but that is also hard to discern. If you can live with the plastic pieces I'd go Daytona and put the cash into some other component upgrade like the shifters or headset. ebay has daytona hub sets for less than $100 all the time.