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pedals for an urban track bike(4 posts)

pedals for an urban track bikejaw241
Mar 21, 2002 2:41 PM
I know this is a road forum, but i'm sure many of you have dabbled in the world of track bikes. I just built my first track bike (LOVE it) and need some advice: what do I do about pedals for an urban (NYC) track bike?

clip and strap is what the cool velodrome people ride, and i had a pair collecting dust, so i went with them, only to find that getting into clip and strap pedals in traffic is an absolute nightmare. clipless seems to be the logical move, but I have friends who swear that old school platforms are the only way to go for urban track bikes, while others tell me that I just need to work on getting into the clip and straps. can anyone kick me some specific knowledge about what would work best?
Try loosening the strapscory
Mar 21, 2002 4:54 PM
I'm the last toe clip holdout, so I may not be your best source of advice. But I have clips on my singlespeed and an old mountainbike/commuter, and they're as easy to get in and out of as plain platform pedals. Just leave the straps a little loose.
its not as cut and dried as it seemsSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 21, 2002 5:02 PM
i ride both campy pro fits and clips/straps depending on the kind of ride. its not always easy and every stop and start means i have to focuss a bit on getting it right. i cant hold onto busses all the time as its bound to tempt a doozy of a fall one day.

but i live in NYC as well and after convincing a friend to rig his bike as a fixed i winced for every ride we went on as i thought he was going to get squished.

luckily his shoes shoes were spd compatible and the following pic and link is of a cheap pedal that is a good solution for him. flat pedal on one side for riding in sneakers and regular shoes like for going on an errand and spd on the other for clipping in properly. now he can start off with either side and if he hasnt clipped in he can roll the pedal around before stomping and setting off properly. its worked well so far and isnt a bad option if your shoes are capable.

there are a few versions of the same type of pedal by shimano and nashbar as well. they may not be pure but they work pretty well and are reasonable in price.

there is a couple of other ways as well. feel welcome to email me and i can send you some links and ideas.
re: pedals for an urban track bikeharry hall
Mar 23, 2002 7:11 PM
I ride fixed on the road, and clipless double-sided is the easiest to deal with--Shimano M535's here!