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Ksyrium ED10 vs. M10(4 posts)

Ksyrium ED10 vs. M10moosemorrised
Mar 19, 2002 6:59 PM
I just got my new Ksyriums from total cycling - great wheels except they came with the ED10 spacing on the hub instead of what my current hub and cassette are; the M10. I can always just buy a new compatable cassette but i want to make sure thay will match up with my front rings and semi-new chain. What do you guys think? Would it be easier to swap out the hub and use my old cassette, or should I just buy a new cassette?
Thanks for the help
re: Ksyrium ED10 vs. M10Ligon
Mar 20, 2002 6:59 AM

The ED10 freehub body is for campy casettes and the M10 is for shimano. If you were to buy a new casette it would have to be a campy cas. and would not be compatible with your drivetrain.(ie. you would experience $hitty shifting)

I am not real sure what you mean when you say swapping out the hub. But If I were you I would send it back and get the right freehub body.

Hope this helps,

campy or shimano drivetrain???C-40
Mar 20, 2002 9:51 AM
You didn't mention which you are using. You bought a campy compatible wheel. If you are using a campy drivetrain, get a campy cassette and everything will be fine. If you have a shimano drivetrain, you goofed. You should have bought the shimano compatible hub. The cassette body on the rear hub can be changed to a shimano compatible one, but I'm sure it's not cheap.
re: Ksyrium ED10 vs. M10VW
Mar 21, 2002 12:10 PM
Changing the hub seemed like an expensive solution. Got to buy a hub, and then paid someone to swap it (unless you can do it yourself).

You bought a wheel with ED10 that is strictly for Campy 10 speed drive-train, and the hub will not work with Shimano 9 speed drive-train.

On the other hand, the Mavic's M10 hub can be use with 9 speed Shimano (with their spacer installed) or 10 speed Campy if you buy their special M10 10 speed cassette.

You said "... current hub and cassette are; the M10". Are you currently running Campy 10 speed (with their special cassette) or Shimano 9 speed?

If you are running Campy 10 speed with Mavic M10 cassette, then it is simple to switch over to the Campy ED10 cassette.

If you are running Shimano 9 speed, you need to change the hub or switch your entire drive-train to Campy 10 speed.

Good Luck!