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Cosmos Wheels(2 posts)

Cosmos Wheelslaffeaux
Mar 19, 2002 1:35 AM
I recently bought a set of Mavic Cosmos wheels that my LBS had on sale. The reviews all seemed to say that they were good training wheels. After the first 125 miles or so the rear was not true. I took it back to my LBS and they were able to fix it. Since then I;ve done one road ride (a century) and the rear is visably out of true again. I didn't hit any pot holes, and only crossed one railroad crossing.

Am I just rough on wheels, are does everyone true their wheels this often?

P.S. The reason that I bought the Cosmos is the cheap set of wheels that I had would not stay true. I'm 175 lbs, and don't ride like a madman or anything. I do more off-road riding and only have to true my mtb rims every 1000+ miles (or so) of off-road riding.
Change themmuncher
Mar 19, 2002 2:10 AM
With your weight and riding profile, you really ought not to have needed the first true that quickly, let alone the second. Looks like a quality/build problem with this particular wheel. Get it changed, or you'll be for ever worrying about it.

FWIW by comparison, I am 220+, have put 700ish miles on my comsic elites, and they are as true as they were on day one - and there are some terrible roads around where I ride.