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Speedplay X2 vs Zero's(8 posts)

Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sSkinnybones
Mar 18, 2002 5:22 PM
Need new pedals and wondering if anyone has the new Speedplay Zero's with the limits on the float and is it worth the extra money over the X2's? Seems like limits on the float kind of defeats the Speedplay benefits, but,....what do I know!!
re: Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sweiwentg
Mar 18, 2002 6:31 PM
imho, no point in paying more for less float unless you simply cannot get used to the free-float. not everyone can.
this from a conversation I had with the guy I bought my pedals from: Speedplay is apparently trying to capture more market share. that's why they introduced the Zeros.
re: Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sBacco
Mar 18, 2002 6:55 PM
I recently went from using SPDs to road pedals/shoes and did a lot of reading and talking to people about the pros and cons of each type. I started seriously considering Speedplay and then Time and then Look and then went back to Speedplay. Fortunately, I read a post about the Speedplay Zeros just before I bought anything. In hindsight, I don't think I would have liked the X2s because of my natural foot position and motion while pedalling. The ability to adjust the float is a MAJOR plus in my opinion! Having too much float would have been a problem for me since my heels turn in so much naturally. I need to be able to adjust the stops for the clickout point to let me know when my heels are angling in too much, otherwise, they hit the pedal cranks. Also, adjusting the clickout point on the outside is great because it allows me to put it at a point where it easier for me to disengage from the pedals without twisting my angle out so far (remember I'm starting way inside). My pedals probably are set with a float of about 8-10 degrees and it's set a little different for each foot since they hang differently and are one full size different in length and width. Go for the Zeros, and preserve the option to custom set the float for your feet. If you want or like 20% of float you got it, if you want less, you got that too. What could be better? I put mine on Sidi Genius 4 shoes which is a good combination. The Zeros come with shims specifically for Sidi shoes, so be sure to use them if you have Sidi shoes. Good luck with whatever you decide.
re: Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sChen2
Mar 18, 2002 8:31 PM
You're right, you don't need the Zero's, just get the X-2's or X-1's if you want lighter weight and shorter spindle. Before I got mine I was concerned about how much I would need to rotate my ankle out to get them to release, but they don't work that way. All you need to do is lift your heel and roll your ankle in an easy quick move, it's very natural. I don't even think about it.
Mar 18, 2002 9:07 PM
The pedals function identically with the difference of the adjustable release points of the Zeros. The Zero's inside and outside release points are individually adjustable. The X series just float right out to release without the stops or discernable release point. The Zero cleats' screws are exposed on the outboard side of the shoe, so don't be rough with your shoes.

Shoes and pedals are a pair of the five interfaces between rider and bike and like saddles, are quite dependent upon the riders' individual preferences. Bacco is quite aware of his and the Zeros work very well for him. I have no preference towards one or the other, but I am a bit skeptical of the Zero cleats' durability....
re: Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sk mand
Mar 20, 2002 9:39 AM
I had the same delemna and went with the X2s. I needed more float than the other systems but was weary about 20 degrees. The dual sided appealed to me most. The "ice skate" sensation that people mention here isn't a problem for me based on how I pedal. Try the x2s before you buy either one, you might save $50 if you don't need the adjustability in float.
re: Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sOwenMeany
Mar 21, 2002 6:26 AM
I had the X2 for about 6 years then a couple of weekends ago I decided (actually the grooves I wore in the spindles suggested it might be a good time to renew) I needed new,, price, research....What did I get? The knees have been saved some much stress over the last 6 years..I did look into the Zeros, 0-15 degress is, as you say, defeats the major advantage/benefit of Speedplay..I have been very very happy with is like everything else: you get used to them then it all becomes second nature....
re: Speedplay X2 vs Zero'sSkinnybones
Mar 21, 2002 1:21 PM
Thanks for all the feedback. I am going to try the X2's. Having had SPD and Time Attacks my whole biking life it should be an interesting change but I'm ready to try it without the limits as I agree that the durability of the Zero cleats is in question for lots of people. I'm not convinced I need the limits and would love to save the money. It will be interesting to see as more people buy them how they like them though. Thanks again!