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"Twitchy" Ultegra 600 shifter(2 posts)

"Twitchy" Ultegra 600 shifterBrian T
Mar 18, 2002 12:12 PM
My problem is this: the up-shifter for my rear der. on my right Ultegra 600 shifter works sporadically. When I start a ride, it usually takes eight or ten shift attempts before it upshifts. Then, it will engage quicker, but I still need to give it two or three tries before it actually upshifts. When I move the upshifter, the downshifter/brake lever also moves a little; I don't know if it should do this. Anyway, this is very annoying when I'm going down an unexpected hill, can't upshift immediatly, and am stuck spinning like a madman. Any suggestions, advice, 2 cents?
re: "Twitchy" Ultegra 600 shiftermwood
Mar 18, 2002 5:27 PM
The grease inside the shifter has probably hardened. Put the bike on a stand, apply brake, shoot WD40 into the shifter mechanism (use a whole bunch, like until it is dripping), shift through gears a few times, more WD40, through the get the idea. The solvent in the WD40 will loosen up the grease and allow shifter engagement.