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Frogs vs x series(3 posts)

Frogs vs x seriesciclista
Mar 15, 2002 6:46 AM
Has anyone gone from using frogs to the road x pedals? I'm happy with the speedplay release,quality etc considering going to the road version for my road setup. Are there any advantages/disadvantages/differences for release, comfort, other concerns?
re: Frogs vs x seriesfeathers mcgraw
Mar 15, 2002 7:27 AM
If you like one you'll like the other. The x series are easier to get in--all you do is stomp down. They have the slightest resistance to exit, compared to none for the frogs. Still, you'll never be unable to exit. Both are, IMO, totally comfortable.
re: Frogs vs x seriesnetso
Mar 15, 2002 7:34 AM
I have gone fron Frogs (which I liked) to x2's which I really like. Had no problem converting.