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Help with shifter adjustment please(3 posts)

Help with shifter adjustment pleaseblm
Mar 14, 2002 11:19 AM
It is definitely spring fever as i have a new bike project almost daily!

The question: I bought rapidfire 7 speed shifters(the touring bike is a flat bar roadie now...dont tour anymore) and the front one is too hard to adjust and won't make a second click so it acts as a double shifter, the range of motion seems to be there but it skips the middle ring and no ajustment fixes the problem. I will try to readjust from the start tonight but any input is welcome.

By the way, i did it by the book, following the instructions privided by shimano.

Try this:Spoke Wrench
Mar 14, 2002 12:51 PM
1. Shift your rear derailleur into the biggest cog.

2. Disconnect the cable from your front derailleur. Make sure the derailleur cage is parallel to the big ring. The derailleur should be mounted on the seat tube so the derailleur cage misses the big ring by about 2mm. Adjust the low gear limit screw until the chain misses the inner plate of the derailleur cage by about 2mm.

3. Make sure that your shifter is in the lowest gear position. Pull the cable tight with your needle nose pliers. Be sure that you anchor the cable on the correct side of the derailleur mount.

4. Try your shifter. If it still won't shift onto the big ring, try loosening your high gear limit screw.

Good luck.
Lube itKerry
Mar 15, 2002 4:51 PM
In addition to the adjustment advice, consider lubing the unit. My daughter's mountain bike wasn't working so well after a couple of years in the rain at college. Went through all the deraileur/cable adjustments to no avail. Sluiced the shifters with TriFlow and they were good as new.