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stem and spacers(3 posts)

stem and spacersvol245
Mar 12, 2002 7:06 PM
When I got my bike the stem was flipped and it had a couple spacers too. The seat is about 1½ to 2 inches above the bar, but I would like to lower the bar. I have never removed a threadless stem and don't want to screw it up. Do I just have to loosen the clamp bolt around the fork? Also, when I tighten it up, are there torque specs or do you just be real careful? I sure would hate to have my carbon steerer tube get crushed.
re: stem and spacersindianabob
Mar 12, 2002 7:44 PM
Just take the whole works into your LBS and have the wrench there do it (I did it by the book and still managed to strip out a solida magnum stem recently). Those little bolts are finicky (especially if they're TI).
If you have to do it yourself, grease the bolts, get a torque wrench, tighten slowly and alternate (like putting on a car wheel). Spec on the stem I have (the Cinelli) is 9 newton/meters. Email a rep for your stem to get the specs on the torque you'll need.
Good luck!
see if this help...Qubeley
Mar 16, 2002 7:06 PM
I just came back from my LBS to have the carbon steerer cut all the way down, so to eliminate the problem with flex, as you will soon discover, the carbon steerers are very flex, and they are no friends to sprinter--unless you cut them all the way down, then they become rock solid.
Now to your question: yes, you can just do it yourself, loosen the bolt, do whatever you need, screw them back on. Only precaution is DO NOT tighten them like you tighten your seatpost, or you will either pull the plug inside the steerer out, or cause damage to the steerer shell. So how tight? To use a poor analogy: the touque should be similar to that when you tighten a bolt for bottlecage, or a hair more. Yes, that is tight enough.