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Any one using 3T Zepp XL Stem and Handlebars?(3 posts)

Any one using 3T Zepp XL Stem and Handlebars?PwAg
Oct 28, 2001 7:31 AM
I'm looking to replace an ICON stem/handlebar combo that came stock on a 2001 Trek 5900 62cm bike. I've been recommended to pick up 3T Zepp XL Stem and bars for their light weight and rigidity. I'm a relatively large person (6'4"/205lb), and was having a bit too much give in the ICON componentry. Would this move to 3T Zepp XL be a good one? I like the looks of stem, and the anatomic bend in the bars is what I need. LMK if any of you have any experience with these components.

Thank you.
re: Any one using 3T Zepp XL Stem and Handlebars?PwAg
Oct 29, 2001 11:22 PM
Anyone? :) Even heard any word about this setup? Thanks.
re: Any one using 3T Zepp XL Stem and Handlebars?schills
Nov 8, 2001 8:50 AM
I use the combo on my Cannondale 4000si. I've got the 44cm bars and the stem turned around so that it provides +10 degrees instead of -10. I like it a lot. Seems plenty stiff to me. I'm 6ft and 180lbs. I bought this bike to climb so I spend a great deal of my time out of the saddle without problem. However, I thought ICON stuff was usely fairly heavy and as a result reasonably stiff. I don't know that the Zepp XL would be a noticeable improvement.
On my other bike I have a Cinelli Alter and Diet Eubios bars. Heavier but rock solid. This is my sprint time trial bike so weight isn't as big a deal.

My only word of advice is don't get hung up on weight. At best you'll save 150 grams between lightest and heaviest. It won't make difference in your performance. Someone once told me that titanium bolts save 10g and cost $80. A pound off my butt is free!