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Ultegra cone nut sizes?(2 posts)

Ultegra cone nut sizes?zelig1
Oct 29, 2001 7:03 AM
I have a pair of Ultegra 9spd hubs I bought in 2000 and need to buy a new set of cone wrenches. Anybody know the sizes of the front and the rear nuts? Also, I have an older set of Park wrenches which are too thick. What brand renches are you using?

Thanks in advance.
re: Ultegra cone nut sizes?grzy
Oct 29, 2001 9:53 AM
15 mm is usually involved. Get a whole new set from Park, Pedros or Performance (made by Park). Go for the newwer long handle single wrench style with the plastic coating. Finally gave up on my mid 70's stubby double ended wrenches from Sugino et al. You can get the Performance set of 6 for around $15 on sale - so far they've held up well and are about the only thing I'd recommend with the Performance name on them. You'll never again have to futz with digging thought the tool box to come up with creative ways to find wrenches that fit. I also use a bench vise to hold the bottom side while I make the fine adjustments on the other side.