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different crank bolts?(4 posts)

different crank bolts?mbzml55amg
Oct 26, 2001 2:22 AM
Are there crank bolts just for splined bb and bolts for square bb?
Oct 26, 2001 10:08 AM
Splined BB's use a much larger diameter bolt that is made of an aluminum alloy and is drilled out in the core. Square taper BB bolts are typcially steel (can be ti) and are harder. They aren't even close to being interchangable.
Crank boltsmbzml55amg
Oct 27, 2001 2:44 AM
I'll return the splined bolts and get some ti square ones, thanks. In a previous discussion about carbon forks you mention a Wound-Up fork that failed. I just bought a used threaded Wound-Up fork. How concern should I be.
Crank boltsgrzy
Oct 29, 2001 4:19 PM
Don't go with the ti crank bolts - it's an expensive accident waiting to happen. Yout try to torque them to the proper spec and you run a good chance of popping them like a peanut. You save very little.

You shouldn't be too concerned about the Wound-Up fork failure, unless you ride one!;-). Actually one bud has an all carbon that is fine and he rides like an animal, the other bud's that failed was a steel steerer and he's not as abusive on his gear. So who really knows. Personally I don't think I'd ride a used carbon fork - you've got no idea what it's been through. Why was it being sold - really? Stick with new from a reputable manufacturer - afterall what's more important a few dollars or a bunch of skin? We routinely hit 50 mph and the last thing I want to worry about is my fork. If you're interested I have a Time fork that came of my bike when i bought it used and I have no idea what it's been through..... ;-)