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Daytona or Ultegra???(7 posts)

Daytona or Ultegra???RichardJenkins
Aug 22, 2001 2:37 PM
I am nearing a decision on buying my first serious road bike. I currently cycle 20-30 miles/3-4 times a week on a mountain bike! I've got to a choice between Lemond BA (2002) with Ultegra or Bianchi Veloce with Daytona. I will be riding lots of hills and doing them quick as well as good distance. First, is this a good choice of bike for the $1500ish I want to spend and second, what do you rate, Daytona or Ultegra? Thanks for your help.
re: Daytona or Ultegra???I Love Shimano
Aug 22, 2001 3:55 PM
Well, just because all Lemonds are *ugly*, I'd go with the Bianchi. Besides, it's pure Italian!

If you're just choosing based on the component group, well it's really a matter of personal reference. Me, I prefer the look and feel of Shimano's STIs. Try both bikes, and see what you like best!
re: Daytona or Ultegra???mackgoo
Aug 22, 2001 5:36 PM
The only real bikes I've ever owned were Bianchi's and the only components that have ever been on them is Campy, well that's not totaly true my current came with Dura Ace, I'm not impressed and just got the last component for a Record group wich will go on in the next week or so. Hmm can you guess my choice?
Lemond or Bianchi, that's the questionEpicEric
Aug 22, 2001 6:03 PM
I bought an Ultegra Lemond in '98 mostly because it was 3 pounds lighter than the Veloce. I also preferred the Shimano because I can wrap my fingers all the way around the brake hoods when climbing.
The geometries are quite different. Pick the one on which you can pedal through a tight corner.
I was in Performance recently and saw terrific values on Jamis and KHS steel bikes.
re: Daytona or Ultegra???RegLeg
Aug 23, 2001 10:51 AM
Which one fits and feels better? The LeMond and Bianchi have very different frame geometries and ride different. You should go with whichever one fits you better and rides better.

Having said that, I own a 2002 LeMond BA for a few days shy of 1 month. Great bike, I love it. Excellent buy for $1500. Can't go wrong ... if it fits and you like the LeMond geometry.
re: Daytona or Ultegra???cv
Aug 24, 2001 12:44 PM
Not to confuse the issue, but I just picked up a 2001 Bianchi Talladega with full Ultegra for $1550 (reg 1699, 2001 closeout). If you can find one of these as well, definately take a look. I was set on the Veloce myself, but thought the Taladega looked cool, especially with the Shimano wheelset. I've had for a few weeks now, and I am very impressed.However, my riding buddy has full Daytona on his bike, and he seems pretty pleased as well. I don't think you are really going to go wrong with either groupset.
re: Daytona or Ultegra???Gary F.
Aug 30, 2001 9:03 AM
I am currently looking to equip a Litespeed Classic frame and have a similar decision to make regarding components. I have ridden both and it looks like Shimano Ultegra triple for me.

I like the Campy for the ability to jump further with one click and it's parts replacement capability. However, I have large hands and ride on the hoods most of the time when I am tired. In this position, I have found that I have to shift my weight and slide my hands back a little to raise my thumb to reach the thumb levers. Also, I do not enjoy the loud clicking of the freewheel on Campy (I know, go faster...).

With Shimano, I hear the noisy shifters are no longer an issue and I can shift up or down w/o moving my hands off the hood. Plus, I save a few bucks versus Campy triple.

Ultimately I suppose it's comfort driving my decision. I may feel differently if after 5,000 miles I have to replace the shifters. One thing I have heard, keep those Campy cables well-lubed.