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SPD-R pedal problems -correction method REVEALED!(2 posts)

SPD-R pedal problems -correction method REVEALED!Crankist
Mar 11, 2002 6:57 PM
Send no money now. And no, this is not a "load 'em up with grease" solution.
First I want to state that nobody SHOULD have to do anything to make costly product work. But throwing them out isn't any better.
Anyway, after 600-800 miles my Ultegras began that unclip-to-the-inside-only phenomenon - unsafe at any speed IMO.
I took a dremel tool mounted with a 3/8" cylinder stone of approx. 100 grit and re-worked the pedal rear mating surface to a better flatness and straightness condition, removing ALL the buildup and scarring. Next in the Dremel a 1" dia. X 1/8" cotton wheel loaded with rouge for polishing which took a little time but looked great...but did not correct the problem. What has worked (this took me several efforts and some headscratching and careful comparison with a pedal that DID work) was to re-grind that surface (the one which leads to the outside)with a slight bevel (about 5 deg.) so that the engagement profile is slightly wider at the top of the pedal. Then re-polish. Voila! No grease necessary and no pedals loitering at the bottom of the trash can where they really do belong. SPD-R owners will understand. Apparently Shimano does not.
One reason I kept my SPD's. BTW, New Forte mag/ti SPD work greatPaul
Mar 12, 2002 4:06 AM
It's only 200 grams (weight it on my wifes scale she uses for recipes, don't tell her), and it's exactly 200 grams excluding cleats. I took off my Dura Ace SPD's, and saved 4 ounces.

The only problem with the Forte is that it won't accept the Shimano float cleat, but does except the fixed cleat. I compared the fixed/float cleat, and the only difference seems to be the size of the bevel at the rear of the cleat which is larger for the fixed. The float cleat won't snap in. I 'll have to experiement and grind the float bevel to the same size as the fixed. I've ground down the fixed to make floats out of them by grindig the front part of the fixed cleat to the same size as the float. This works great as I seem to have more float, and they unclip real easy.

Have to experiment with SPD pedals due to the horror stories of SPD-R's, and Campy Pro Fit. Have my original SPD cleats which are over seven years old. I have friends who have Look pedals buy about 3 sets of cleats during the riding season. SPD pedals pay for themselves.

Maybe you should mail your info to Shimano. Good fix!