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clearance between crankarm and seatstay on Cad5(4 posts)

clearance between crankarm and seatstay on Cad5thdrk1
Mar 10, 2002 6:58 PM
The cranks are Campy Record 8spd and the frame is a Cad5. The right crankarm is 6mm away from the chainstay at it's closest point, but the left crankarm is only 3mm. It looks too close to me so I asked my local LBS and they said it was that way to keep the chain line correct. It does not interfere with my heel clearance and shifting is fine. Is this an acceptable distance or should I be worried?
they must be long cranks...Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 11, 2002 5:02 AM
seatstay chainstay any stay.....

hmmmm 3mm

im not expert (read - i dont really know)

but cannondales are supposed to be pretty rigid back there and unless you have a bit of power to bend the crank when out of the saddle you could be ok

try checking to see how much flex you have by positioning the pedal straight down and stand facing the bike holding both the stem and seat. step on the pedal and press down. keep in mind that most of the flex will be from wheels and tires but you may also see some flex from the frame (bb and stays).

3mm is close but not uncommon.

if in doubt check it out
Should be ok..Jekyll
Mar 11, 2002 7:39 AM
I have a CAAD 4 with D/A (same thing as your frame without the integrated head set). Just took a look a the space between the left crank arm and the chain stay - a little less than 4mm.
I have more than 7k miles on this bike with this set up, never a problem. The only thing on spacing back there is that I have a rub mark on the chain stay about 6 inches behind where the crank arm ends from my shoe (probably because of the Speedplays I run which allow the shoe to float).
Unless your crank arm/spindle flexes a lot more than the D/A's I have you should not have a problem. There is really very little force on that crank arm when its in the 3 o'clock position anyway. Also took a quick look at my MTB's (other road bike in the shop) - my Jekyll has around 6mm of clearance and my Pisgah has around 12mm. For reference, I'm 170-175 and I'm a pretty hard masher/sprinter.
in my case 172.5 crank arms (forgot to add that above)..nmJekyll
Mar 11, 2002 7:40 AM