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Weird wiggle(3 posts)

Weird wigglejohnjohn
Mar 9, 2002 10:58 PM
A question if I might. Found my bike's back end wiggling a bit (back and forth like a dog's tail) while braking hard from about 25mph. Bike has 1600 miles on it and no such problems in the past. Any ideas what this might be? If this is a no brainer clueless rookie quandry, thanks for the forebearance.
Wiggle when you walkKerry
Mar 10, 2002 9:17 AM
Check spoke tension in the rear wheel - if you have loose spokes this could trigger the phenomenon. Is the rim "grabbing" as you brake? Another possible explanation is the back tire losing traction as you break hard. You haven't explained much. Typically, if you apply drag to the rear wheel, it would tend to straighten things out rather than create this non-specific "wiggle" you describe. A final possibility is that this has been there all along and you just now noticed it.
Wiggle when you walkjohnjohn
Mar 10, 2002 6:04 PM
Kerry, thanks for the advice! I'll look into the spoke tension and traction issues first. Hey, and that "wiggle walking thing" is only because of the Look cleats. ;)