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anyone tried campy pista cranks w/ 2 chainrings?(1 post)

anyone tried campy pista cranks w/ 2 chainrings?secourir
Mar 9, 2002 5:05 AM
yes it may sound stupid but i wonder if it is possible.

i have considered 144bcd 3/32" chainring availability and also using perhaps a 115mm triple bb to restore some of the correct chainline but i am wondering as i have never been able to inspect a set if chainrings would be able to fit on the other side to make it possible for use as a double?

who knows - they are light and probably as stiff as the currently failing carbon cranks are supposed to be and they look very sexy.

now what cogs would i need to climb a 1 in 10 incline with a 42 tooth chainring..........