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Selle gel(2 posts)

Selle geljaredhartman
Mar 8, 2002 8:18 PM
I just got a Flite ti gel, after returning an SLR that just wouldn't fit. My question is concerning the "breaking in" that I have read about in reviews. Does it really happen? I read some which claim the gel softens up. Anyway, as I experienced some numbness today in the soft tissue area, I am wondering if anyone familiar with Selle's gel saddles could tell me if they really do break in for more comfort, or if it is just that people get used to it.
re: Selle gelJekyll
Mar 9, 2002 8:25 AM
In my experience if a saddle starts out badly it will never improve (Brooks probably being the only exception).
Sounds like you might want to try something else. I switched from the Gel to the Terry Fly (also made by Selle Italia) with good results. Results do vary with different butts...
See if your LBS will let you try a few different saddles before buying - there is no right saddle for all a$$'s....