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Cable question?(3 posts)

Cable question?whydoyouask2dogs
Mar 8, 2002 10:20 AM
What is the correct way to set the cable into your front and rear derailliers, my lbs said that mine had been set incorrectly.
What is the question?Kerry
Mar 8, 2002 1:35 PM
You are not very clear in saying the cables were "set incorrectly." Are you referring to how the cables were attached to the derailleurs, or are you talking about cable "tension"? For attaching to the derailleurs, you need to be specific as to what brand/model. You didn't even say if you had friction or index shifting, downtube or brake/shifters. A little information would be helpful.

For "tension", you need to attach the cables when the derailleurs are in their most relaxed position (small chainring front, small cog rear), with the travel adjustments set correctly, and typically with your barrel adjusters (on the down tubes and at the rear derailleur) turned most of the way in. Then try shifting through the gears. If the shifts to larger chainring/cog is "slow" (the shift takes a long time, comes with a lot of noise, or doesn't even shift, then turn the barrel adjuster counter clockwise to "increase tension". Repeat the process until things shift well to the larger chainring/cog, but still work well in the other direction. If you can't get this to happen, it suggests 1) dirty cables that need lube, 2) dirty shifters that need to be flushed and lubed, or 3) dirty derailleurs that need to be cleaned and lubed.
Kerry, you never fail to impress me!KurtVF
Mar 8, 2002 4:25 PM
You've given a very complete answer to an almost non-question. Readers of this site should be thankful for your presence(and patience)!