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Tufo tubular tape(2 posts)

Tufo tubular tapeJessicaR
Mar 7, 2002 6:32 AM
After having problems with glue sticking to my carbon rims (see post below a bit), I'm considering that new tufo tubular tape. Anyone have experience with that?

re: Tufo tubular tapegonzo77
Mar 7, 2002 7:46 AM
I'm tellin ya, 3M Fast Tack Adhesive is the way to go. Takes 10 min to put on a tubular on those Zipps. Just put a coat on the tire and the rim, let it dry for 5 min and slap the tire on. No mess and you get to ride the next morning. But if you really want some tacky stuff that's a pain to clean but sticks like hell try Tubasti Tubular glue. It's the white one that comes in a Rainbow tube. You can peel the tire off and patch it if you get a flat and put it back on without having to re-apply the glue to the tire, that's how much it sticks. I've never tried the tape but i've read that once u put it on, you can't reuse the tire. But like i said, I never tried it, but at $60 a pop for the Conti Sprinters I use I'd rather not find out. Good luck with those tubies.