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Fixing a downtube shifter on my bike...(2 posts)

Fixing a downtube shifter on my bike...agilis ti
Mar 6, 2002 5:48 PM
i have a merlin agilis w/ a triple dura and would like to put a downtube shifter on it if possible. My local LBS was dubious about it being possible but was wondering if anyone knows of a way. Reason for doing this is to use the two big rings as the third ring takes continual tuning just to get some of the gears to be quiet. With a downtube shifter I would not have to worry about setting up the bike with the third ring i would just avoid it altogether.
Mar 8, 2002 2:12 PM
If you have the cable stop bosses on your down tube, then you can probably put a DT shifter for your front derailleur. There's a standard shape to these things, and it is the same shape as would fit a DT shifter. You'll need to double check, but it would take all of five minutes (your LBS should have some DT shifters in their junk drawer). You'll probably want to find a left brake lever to replace your unit with all the shifter internals (and weight).