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Where can I find 700x30 road tires?(4 posts)

Where can I find 700x30 road tires?Barnyard
Mar 6, 2002 4:02 PM
I've done a bit of touring on 700x28 tires. I've got a bike that can handle larger, but I have not seen many 700x30 or 700x32 road tires. Other than some cyclo-cross tires, there's not a lot out there.
re: Where can I find 700x30 road tires?davet
Mar 6, 2002 5:24 PM
Continental makes their wonderful Top Touring 2000 in 700X32. Long lasting, great traction and seemingly puncture-proof, I've used them on two bikes with great success.
Couple more suggestionscory
Mar 6, 2002 5:34 PM
Panaracer's Pasela comes in 32 (actually about a true 27 on my wheels) and 35 (true 30.5). The 35 is my all time favorite all-around tire on my Atlantis (won't fit the Allez, or I'd have it there, too). It's $30 from Rivendell, but I've bought it as cheap as $12.95 from Nashbar. Get the Pasela TG if you can, rather than the plain Pasela.
Avocet's slick tire (forget what it's called) is made in both 32 and 35, but hard to find. Nashbar carries it sometimes and may have it in stock if you call. Nice and light, but I prefer the Pasela.
On the Nashbar website, they have Continental Avenues in 700x40 (!) for $9.95, I think it is. I put a set of those on my singlespeed and likemalot. Sort of a semi-slick, with a little inverted treadlike design on it.
Nashbar also has a house brand tire in 38, looks sort of clunky and tractorish. Haven't tried it.
re: Where can I find 700x30 road tires?spinner54
Mar 7, 2002 7:57 PM
Try this site: Bought some tires there last week - good transaction.